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Schoolbags, I am one of those people who frets about what bag she should get before ever setting foot in a school. I made a habit of buying a new schoolbag every two year or when I go to a new school. Why you must wonder? It is because it gives me a false sense of security. So I will be starting my new school in a week and I still did not find a bag that was everything I wanted. now I spend five days looking online and offline without any 'O my gawd, I want that" In frustration I opened eBay and suddenly I faced an other problem. I had to many bags to pick out off. Want to see what is on my list?

Lets start with the cheapest out of the bunch for only $7.35. This lovely canvas bag comes in three colors that fit many outfits. I am always a tad on edge about buying a colored bag because they often do not match everything but I think these three colors are 'safe' My favorite has to be Army, the way it matches with the brown leather straps is just lush. I am not a big fan of black and brown but I do know people who rock it and well white/beige is a shade I avoid because I spill a lot of things and somehow stains seem to stain out on light colors. This is really a maybe for me because it would be great for those days where you only need to pack a few things and the fabric and colors are very spring/fall so perfect for the upcoming seasons? I do have to admit that the text on the bag is a tad strange to say the least. So this bag is a maybe for me.

The above bag I wanted to include but I would mention it is a tad to small for my liking. At least to small for a schoolbag, it would be perfect for a 'daytime' bag. This bag is only $17.99 a very eBay like price. I personally do not like the black, it looks far to harsh but the dark blue and light blue look amazing. I also can see this being used for days when you only need to give a presentation or have a meeting. The more I am looking at the bag and the more I am typing, the more I want this one. It looks big enough for a tablet so that is a big plus and it also looks sturdy. This was a 'not for me' when I was searching but now I am debating it. What do you think?

This black number just screams schoolbag to me. While it not be a tradition schoolbag this is the style of bag I am taking with me for years. The shape is perfect and the size is just like I want it to be. This one looks super sturdy in the pictures I can see a lot of girls taking this with her to school. The black is perfect for every outfit and it looks classy without looking old, dare I say it? It looks professional and that is something I personally love for certain studies. This bag is a tad more expensive at $24.89, still I really love it and I think it is decent priced compared to other bags that most people buy for school.

This is a shoulder and backpack is very multi-functional. You can wear it as backpack, as shoulder bag or you can dangle it on your arm. It comes in three colors white, beige and green. I personally adore the beige shade for this bag. It looks like a very big bag, especially if you are like me and carry a lot of junk this is perfect. This one is only $15.35 what is very cheap for such a big bag.

And last but not least my favorite, I can not express how much I adore this bag because the design is stunning. The shape is great and the texture looks amazing. it is a bit more expensive then I would normally give for an eBay bag but still at $18.90 it is decent priced and very much in my budget. It comes in three colors, the black and blue being my favorite, I am not really a big fan of big pink bags. I think with my hair color it goes from fashion to barbie really fast. I am debating on getting this for myself, not really sure yet so leave a comment with what you think?

So what is your schoolbag for this year and what do you think about the bags I listed in this article. 

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