3 Rose, 3 Silver & 3 Gold

Not sure if this trend has faded and left, I do not really care because I love these little rings. I always been a person who wore 10 rings at a time and kept buying more and more rings. These knuckle rings give me the option to add even more to my fingers. And how can I say no to that. So for more pictures and more information, do read more.

Where to get these?

This lovely seller here, has this listing for these rings. Do I need to say more? Well I could write a bit more information and such for you to read while debating if you also want these lovely rings. I got these mainly because I tought they where so dainty and fragile also I have to admit the fact that these where $0.99 also played a small part into me craving and buying these. Also these are slightly hammed to give them a bit of texture what makes it look more expensive then they where. Also these where the first rose colored knuckle rings that I found online so props for that eBay seller.

As you can see I have them loose so I can put them on different fingers. These came in a padded yellow envelope like most eBay stuff does, I am sure if you regularly buy from eBay you know what envelope I mean. These came with a silver bar holding them together. You can see that in the listing. But I personally did not want all rings on one finger so I ripped the bar open and slid all the rings out of it. I do have to note if you drop one of these you need luck to find it again because they are really thin and small. 

I actually took them outside today and after giving somebody a hand they snatched my hand to look at these rings. They tought these where so unique and they also wanted a set. So that was a really nice moment. 
Also I do have to note, today was a really hot day and these rings did leave a slight green mark on my finger, so I would advice if you buy these rings do layer them with a coat of clean nail polish.

Would you wear this?

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