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Edelweis charm

I should stop with "At vacation I bought" but I am sorry, at vacation I bought a stunning little edelweis charm. I think Edelweis is really something that I link to Austria. I did mention about wanting to start a charm bracelet for ages now and I had an vision that this would be my first charm. But enough blabbering because I only showed the box sofar, read more to see my amazing new charm.

But are not that special

Today a tag I recently saw on a blog that I wanted to share with you all. It is a fun little tag with 5 facts about me but with a small twist. It is a tag that highlights some of the things I rock at but are not really that special. So do read more and leave me a comment with your fave things you rock at but are not that special!

From eBay

Schoolbags, I am one of those people who frets about what bag she should get before ever setting foot in a school. I made a habit of buying a new schoolbag every two year or when I go to a new school. Why you must wonder? It is because it gives me a false sense of security. So I will be starting my new school in a week and I still did not find a bag that was everything I wanted. now I spend five days looking online and offline without any 'O my gawd, I want that" In frustration I opened eBay and suddenly I faced an other problem. I had to many bags to pick out off. Want to see what is on my list?

What my dad got me at Swarovski world

I think I spoke to much about swarovski already, I am deeply in love with everything that glitters. I swear that I was in past life a collector of shiny objects or a bird I am not sure about that yet. But that is behind the point of this blog post. So as you might have guessed at swarovski world there is a big store with swarovski, more swarovski then I could afford. I bought two pieces from swarovski, a matching necklace and earrings. I already posted some previews on instagram here  but beside their own brand they also sell some other brands that have swarovski elements. So that brings me to this article, a showing of my new Lola & Grace earrings. 

480 Shy red

Today I am going to show you all something I bought on vacation. Before I left I got this catrice lipstain that I did not love. I really wanted a lip stain because it is just perfect for days when you want something on your face without having to redo it 5 times a day. So when I was walking in a local drugstore I noticed a sale rack from Maybelline Jade and they had lip stain, because I had to take the train back and had little time to spare I just picked one randomly. Do read more for swatches, you will not get disappointed.

Some people need to see past there own stupidity

To start this new categorize a short introduction is in order. An editorial is an article that features the writers opinion or vision. It is a sort of collum and I want to try my hand at these kind of articles because I see so much in real life and I get stuck in so many situations where I think "I should write something about this" but because I am mostly a visual blog I had no idea how to incorporate this so I am going to write a few Sundays a week an editorial and I hope you will enjoy it and I do hope I will grow in my writing so it will be nice to read! So my first Editorial, I am kind of excited, the title might give it away I want to write about my experience on vacation meeting a toxic person and what I tought off it.

Lucky Cat Charm

So recently I came back from vacation and while I was away I saw an amazingly cute little fossil shop. I decided to drop in and check out what they had. The shop was in Innsbruck and it has the most sweet staff, they really helped us with picking out a charm and a watch and they packaged everything perfectly. So do read more to see what I got

Work it!

At times you need to find inspiration to go out, eat healthy and sport. With the vacation ending for some people I wanted to write an inspiration article with a lot of images so you can scroll past and feel inspired. I picked some of my favorite images from Tumblr but sadly enough Tumblr is hell with sources so do you find an image between these collages that is yours please tell me so I can link you. Also these images are perfect to print and put in your agenda or hang above your bed. So lets get inspired!

030 sweet darling

The P2 Volume Gloss polishes are already sometime in the collection but they never caught my eye till one day I went in search for a nice pastel purple nail polish. My eye fell on sweet darling, and how cute is the name? It is really darling. So read more for more information.

3 weeks later

As I said before I left I would be gone for 3 weeks and I set my articles on a time table to get everything online everyday and I am really happy that everything went as planned. But not I am back from my vacation from Austria and I got a lot of stories to tell and some amazing stuff I bought on vacation. For today I got a short article with some of my favorite pictures. Above are three of my favorite pictures from the biggest Swarovski store and museum. And ofcoarse the solar ikea lights hanging from my tent. Read more?

Scar cream

I am not sure if you can get this brand outside Holland but I did want to feature this creme on my blog because it is slowly becoming my holy grail. So I decided to write this in the vacation for girls that might travel to Holland and will get there hands on this. I did find this webshop here but I am not sure if they ship everywhere.

Love is a Battle Field

Am I the only one who directly tought of that song by Jodin Sparks  But anyways I recently got this deodorant by Balea and it was only €0.95 what is dirty cheap for a deodorant. I bought this because I loved the package, the bright pink with blue and white really stood out to me and the heart with the splotches are really lovely. But what imporant is how does it work and smell?

Little bag for all your junk

I mentioned this bag a few times before but I have not showed any own pictures. So I decided to write an article about this and show you some details. Also recently I have been really loving this color it is pretty shade. I think this is really amazing quality price wise. So do read more if you want to know more!

Japanese Cherry Blossom & Moringa body mist

The above two scents are from the body shop as you can see and I got them as a gift. I am always iffy about getting scents as a gift because everybody has a different preference. So to read what I think and information about these two products, do read more!

 Monoi de tahiti

Treat yourself to an exotic escape with this 2 in 1 formula! This Lagoon Hair & Body Wash which is scented with Tiare Flowers crushed in Coconut Oil rinses away perspiration, sea salt and sunscreen.Result: it leaves your skin soft and your hair shiny! It has no paraben and will leave your body scented from head to toe. So lets take a look at this product.

My top three

Summer is one of those times where I go and watch movies that I really want to see because I have the time to. So I decided to list some of the movies that I really want to see and I do hope you find some inspiration and might see a movie where you think "Yeah, I want to see that!" Also it would be amazing if you left a comment with what movie is still on your 'must see list'

3 Rose, 3 Silver & 3 Gold

Not sure if this trend has faded and left, I do not really care because I love these little rings. I always been a person who wore 10 rings at a time and kept buying more and more rings. These knuckle rings give me the option to add even more to my fingers. And how can I say no to that. So for more pictures and more information, do read more.

040 Dramatic Purple

Some time ago I wrote about the P2 eyeliner pen in blue an my reaction to it was very positive while I normally stay away from pens because I can not get them to work. When standing in front of the P2 display I decided to take a purple one with me because it was less dramatic then the blue but still added some color.

Essie Bikini so Teeny & Models own Southern lights

Recently I fell in love with lilac and lavender colors and I did not have that much of this shade in my stash so I decided to buy Essie in the stores and order Southern lights from the Wonderland collection that you can still get at ASOS for €4.64 here. So read more for more swatching a small review.

Julie 2013

So I am one of those people who directly tosses whatever she finishes and then remembers "O yeah, I could have writing an article about it!" So I bought myself a box to collect my empties and today I will write an article with information what I finished and what I tought of the product. I got 6 empties for you today!

All-in-one BB cream.

A while ago I got this BB cream in a box when I bought a magazine subscription. I was really happy that I got 01 the lightest shade because I am rather pale. So today a review of this Bodyshop Beauty Blemiscream in 01 or as I would say TBS-BB-01

From infinity to wishing till cranes.

So when browsing eBay I normally go for big statement pieces. Go big or go home! But today I made a selection of smaller things that are more mellow but still an eye catcher thanks to the design. Everything is from eBay but most of the pieces are a tad more expensive because some sellers are selling silver plated or gold plated things what of course is better quality then pure alloy. 

Hello August spammers!

So I am currently on vacation and I am not sure if I will have an internet connection but I do hope to find a moment to check up my blog while I am away. But I still wanted to give my readers a chance to spam their blog, I will be not checking it the same day but when I come back I do hope to find a lot of new blogs to follow. So this is your chance so leave a comment with your blog or instagram or twitter or whatever you like and tell me what your own favorite article is up to date.

Happy spamming!

8 series I would recommend 

I am one of those girls who finds a series and watch everything from start to finish and when a new season starts I will watch the episodes as soon as I can. We shall call it a minor obsession. Some of these might be new to you and some of these you might know or follow yourself. I would love it if you left a comment with what you are currently watching. And I do hope you enjoy this article.

High tolerance 0% day cream

So I like to dabble into the world of skincare and try out a lot of different things. I personally think I have a dry skin that is sensitive and this cream by Diadermine Laboratories is especially for that kind of skin. The package tells me that it is without parabens, silicone or perfume. It is said to calm down your skin, reduce itching and red coloration. So for more information and pictures do read more.

What kind of files are there.

There are many different files, from cardboard till glass, from small to big and from expensive till cheap. The most known files are made of cardboard and steel, but lately there has been a rise in stores selling glass files. But why should you buy one made of glass? Glass files are said to live a lifetime, the other kind of files get less grainy over time and stop working less and less. Also steel files can snag your nails causing them to chip or crack while glass nail files, on the other hand, help reduce the amount of chipping and splitting when used on a regularly base. I personally did not have any idea how great glass files where till I got them. So read more to see where I got mine.

Red fruit shower smoothie

Let me start with saying I am so excited about this product so excuses my use of "amazing, perfect and wonderful" Recently I got this smoothie as a free gift with my order at Yves Rocher, to be honest I saw this in the little folder but I decided against buying this because it did not stood out me. It is a mix of raspberry, strawberry and black berry. Two of that [the red ones] are my favorite fruits. I actually have those in my garden but that is beside the point of this article. Read more for my review?

Volume VS Crazy volume

While digging trough my  'untouched' products in my stash I found that I had two mascaras from the I love extreme line. The black one is a older version and the pink one is newer but both are still being sold. The black one was €2.89 and the pink one was €2.79 not a big difference in price. But the question is, is there a big difference in quality. Let the battle begin! Ding....

Fun and sweat!

We know those moments where you work your ass of daily with sporting and working out and the moment you hit vacation time it all ends because your leaving to a hotel or camping. But at times we do not realize that we are working out on vacation while just having fun. So a few words of motivation and some tips how you can get your 'workout in' on vacation at a low budget and with a load of fun!

It is a new month

Okay as I am writing this I am kind of cheating because it is not august yet as I am typing this. But when August starts I will be on vacation in Austria camping away in my little tent and laying on a hard floor. You know the usual. But I wanted write my Hello August article so after the cut you can read about my goals for August.

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