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So let talk something I use every 2-3 months, hair dye! I tend to stick to Schwarzkopf XXL colors intense in absolute platinum. It is my holy grail, it does not hurt when applied and it gives me the shade that I want. I have been using package dyes as long as I remember and I stick to lightening my roots to minimize damage on my hair. Sadly enough my holy grail is not sold in stores nearby and I stock up when I go to the store, but when I run out I tent to experiment with other dyes. This time I picked up a Syoss lightener in ultra plus. This one was said to be the most intense out of three lighteners. So lets take a look at this dye!


Now I admit I am 50/50 about syoss, I had trouble with their conditioners and I tought they where horrible. But yeah when you have roots showing and this is the only package in your house, you tend to try out things that you normally would not. Also I have to admit that I googled reviews and heard a lot of nasty things about the 'old formula' ones. I got the new formula with the blue on the box. This color is said to lighten 8 times without making it brassy. This one was rather cheap I payed under 10€ for it, I know it is €10.30 in Holland. 

Getting ready

First thing I do is take everything out of the box and take the conditioner out. I was kind of disappointed Syoss, it was a thin and tiny bag with very little product. Let me put it this way, I needed at least 5 bags to cover my hair and I am not overreacting. Maybe I am just spoiled because last time I used a dye by L'Oreal and they had a tube that you could close and they said it was for a few washes. But that was something that really annoyed me because when you go lighter you need to take care of your hair! Syoss this is the basics!
But beside my deep hate for to little conditioner the rest of the product was a good amount. There was one bottle and you needed to add the content of one satchel and one tube. Really easy, add and shake. The one thing that Syoss should have mentioned is that the dye sprays out the moment you take the lid of the bottle. It directly flows out like a volcano. Not really a problem because I wear my 'dye' clothing but it would be nice if that was a warning that came on the package.

Dying my hair

The dye itself was very pleasant, it had a great texture that was not runny but not thick. I prefer this kind of texture because it makes it more easy to spread out everywhere, so less chance of 'spots' The dye itself smelled good, it was not a chemical smell but very neutral. All in all I was pleasant surprised by how this product was on the hair. The instructions advice 30-40 minutes, after 30 minutes I decided that I liked the color of it and washed it out. Washing out was very easy and I had no problems with it. 

The color as you can see in the pictures is exactly as I wanted, it really did a great job in such a short time.One thing that I need to mention on a slight negative note, well negative for me. I let my hair dry naturally and when it was dry my hair was really smooth and almost thin feeling. I prefer big fluffy hair opposed to thin and smooth. So I directly tied it up and tomorrow I spray it with dry shampoo or hairspray to get some volume in it. This dye was really a volume killer! 

All in all Syoss surprised me with this one, I would not re-buy it because it makes my hair to smooth. I know girls like smooth hair so I would advice it to those girls. 

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