Mi Moneda dream catcher coin in silver

Dream Catcher

So a while ago I decided to get a small gift for myself, I got a lot of large coins but my little coin pendant does not have a lot of coins. So I had my heart set on a gold one because I had no small gold coins. So as you can see I got a Dream Catcher, how and why you can read after clicking the button below also I took some more pictures.

Mi Moneda dream catcher coin in silver Love side


So the coin is double sided as you can see, the front has the dream catcher and then back has love. I personally do not like the design of the love side. I think it would be great if you got it for a loved ones, sadly I am 'forever alone' so I wear the dream catcher to the front. 

I love the meaning of a dream catcher, it is said to be a protective charm that will catch any harm that might be in the air as a spider's web catches and holds whatever comes in contact with it. I actually have one medium sized dream catcher hanging above my bed but I am still looking for a white one that is bigger. But that is beside the point and every offtopic. 

Mi Moneda dream catcher coin in silver
It is a small sized coin and I payed 12,50 euro for it and you can get it at time for watching 

So a small haul? Can you even call it a haul if it is one item?

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