How my gaming life turned upside down...

So I have not expressed it a lot on my blog but I love gaming, I am actually going to include it more on my blog at a later stage but today a personal article about what happend with my NDS lite and why I got a 3DS. People who follow me in Instagram might have seen this picture here where I showed you that my NDS lite hinge broke. But do read more for my story...

Trying to fix it

So the hinge of my DS broke and I could not play anymore, kind of sad to read later on that it is a know problem and many people had this problem because I adored my light and now I do not have it anymore, but anyways we ordered a new housing for the DS because the thing itself worked perfectly it only needed a new housing. I got a mint one for my old pink one. My dad put it all apart and together again. But sadly enough the touch screen decided to die on us resulting in it not being fixable. So I tossed the thing away and stayed sad for a while till my parents told me they would pay half of a new console for me. So I went to the store to get a 3DS XL

The 3DS XL

My sister actually has a limited edition of this console and she is always happy about this one. So I got myself a bright pink one, I am pretty sure it has been out for maybe a month now? It is a lot of money for a 'gaming console' especially since I am a poor student but then again I had no handheld left. I do hope this one is more sturdy and has no hinge problems. 

I had this for a few days now and it works perfectly, I only do not have any games yet. I ordered one online but it still has not come in. I am still saving up for more games like Style Boutique and Animal crossing but I first need to make more money to be able to afford it.

So I am really pissed that my lite decided to break after me taking such good care of it. But it can not be helped. I am really happy with my new 3DS XL, I am planning to write reviews of games when I buy them so you can expect that on my blog.

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