Wake up concealer

I got this for my life as a busy student, so I can cover those bags underneath my eyes after studying all day long. But yeah jokes aside, I really needed a new concealer and when looking for concealers I came across the wake up concealer from Manhattan. It is said to make tired eyes look luminous again and it has light reflective pigments for a fresh look. It comes in two shades and I picked 1 the lightest.

What do I think

I think this is a perfect budget version to expensive concealers. To be honest concealer is a few times use for me, I only use it when I need it and I do not have a routine with it. That said I payed €3.35 for this what is very decent for a 8 ml product. It has a wand what makes it easy to apply and it gives a medium coverage. It does cover redness and blue bags but it does not cover things like a mole. So I am really happy with the coverage because it is not that heavy on the skin. It does not have a real scent to it, it is spare in use. Really a good concealer in my books. One thing I do have to note, it does have a slight shimmer what I list as a positive but other people might say it is to shiny. 

Do you use concealer?

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