Catrice lipstain in Rosewood Avenue

I am always looking forward to the Catrice and Essence new collections to hit stores because it means two things. First of it means that some stuff is leaving and those things are going away at a sale price. In Germany that means every product is €1.75 and in Holland they normally price everything 50% off. I am not sure if Holland is doing that again this year, do you know do leave me a comment. But yesterday I took a trip to Germany and snatched one thing up for €1.75. This lipstain that is leaving. Read more to see if it is worth the buy....

The basics

This is called a colour infusion longlasting lipstain. A big fancy name for you know a marker that stains your lips leaving the color to stay for a long time. These normally are €3.99 and come in five colors. What does catrice say?
 Long lasting color.With a pen the lips a semi-permanent definition with a light color and gives spoils with moisturizing ingredients - CATRICE Lip Stain! Create the desired color for your lips. The fruity fragrance is sensual and  easy in use thanks to the soft molded tip. Adjust Lip Stain to in multiple layers to intensify the color. Use waterproof remover to remove. 
Well that is a lot of promises lets see what I think?

My little verdict

Lets start with the package, I think these things have great packing. It looks like a big marker in the shade of the product. I always love these things because if you have a slightly bigger stash or more then one of these products it makes it easier to find. It is easy in use as they say, you just color your lips like you would do a drawing. The tip is great in use and works precise. But the real question is how does it look on the lips, before I give my opinion do look at the below image

Yeah, not that great. The strange thing is that some parts really look color and some parts where so hard to get color on. If you look at the upper lip I really tried to layer the product to give some color to my lips but almost nothing happened. The color just went toward my chapped parts and turned really dark there. I am not sure what to think of this but I have to say that I will not leave this house with just this stain. 
It does last for a long time but if that is a positive thing, I am debating this. I do think I will use it under a lipstick to get more coverage but I am not a big fan of this. I am happy I payed a marked down price for this because I would have been pissed if I payed full price for this

I can understand why this stain is leaving, I personally would no advice is. What do you think?

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