Summer [mostly sale] Edition

Nothing motivates me more then nice clothing to work out in but also cloths that sit loose and do not feel like a to tight prom dress that you bought a few months before prom. I went online shopping and found some really nice clothing that I would wear while working out. I tried to get some different things that where not to expensive but also good quality. So I do hope you enjoy.

Loose tops

Starting with my favorite kind of workout clothing, loose tops and tee's. I feel far to self conclusion to wear tight things. So on the left we have an American Apparel top that you can buy at ASOS. Taking in account that american apparel normally sells for more expensive then the sale price and that ASOS has free shipping this tank is a steal. Originally it is €29.16 and it is marked down to €9.28, that is surely a great deal! It is a 100% cotton top what I personally prefer to work out in seeing those shiny materials do not feel good to me. Also it is over sized and layers great with a colorful sport-bra and the length makes me want to Zumba in it. Seeing longer tops prevent you flashing your belly to everybody. I showed the navy version above it also comes in Gray and Pale Pink. I personally adore the navy and wear mostly darker clothing to workout. 

Then we have the Nike cropped tee, no know the Nike logo is classic for sportwear and I think the top looks cute. I personally would not wear this crop tee without a tank under it because I have a belly obsession, meaning I really do not like my own belly and prefer to keep it covered by flowly long fabric. But I know there a lot of girls who can rock this tee with a pair of sweats while working out. This one is also currently on sale!

Yes I adore nike

I think everybody should splurge on a pair of great wonderful black sweatpants. Not taking in account that I lounge at home in sweatpants when I am certain nobody will come and visit me, I think these are great for running outside in the early morning or evening when it is getting colder outside. They are loose but with a tight fit round your legs, what I really adore because we all had those moments when running and hitting your leg against those flaps of wider sweatpants. Also when running in the forest or places with a lot of bugs, this is perfect because those creepy crawlers will not crawl their way to your lady parts or just on your legs. These are also a 100% cotton what I love, I mentioned that before. They have a little pop of color on the hip with a teal and red logo, I do not know why but I adore that choice. Really good work Nike! These are a tad more expensive, they used to be €53.02 and they are marked down for a decent €31.81. If you do not own a pair of black sweatpants I would really advice this pair.

I am not sure if you can wear this as a sport bra or only as a sport top. I think girls with less boobage can rock this as a sport bra but if you are 'blessed' with a bust as mine I would advice wearing a sport bra under it to avoid pain...I think this would look great on its own when you are running on a hot day on the beach. I personally would wear it with a big oversized top like the American Apparel Top and then this peeping out. Sadly enough this is not marked down, but it was so cute. I had to share it because it has an amazing print.

Be bright!

As I said I adore black workout clothing but occasional I would like to dabble into the world of color. And when I do color, I really do color. I would wear the above clothing as a set together with the Oldo top over the short. I do really like the puma short because it is so bright but I do not love the look of the waistband. But as I said I would cover that with a top. The Puma shorts I would not have payed the full price of €33.14 for because I think that is a bit expensive for green sport shorts but the current price of €15.24 is perfect! These are also mostly cotton as my preference lies. 

The top is from a brand unknown by me, I found it at Zalando. The color and the design is so unique and lovely that I just had to share this. Sadly enough this is not marked down and priced at €39.95 what I think is  far to expensive for a top you are going to sweat in, but you know if you have the money and you want to splurge. Why not buy a top that makes you smile.

Basic colors

Gigi is also a brand I did not know before searching Zalando. This top was really a O MY GAWD moment. It looks perfect, the stripes/stitching in the front is really flattering to the body and the racerback gives lots of room for movement. Also I have to admit that I am more likely to go for stuff with a hood then without, so props to Gigi for adding a hood to this sport top. The color is lush and I really prefer this blue shade, it also comes in black and black with pink stitching. Now do sit down when I tell you the price because it is a tad shocking. Originally it is €99.95 and it is marked down for €59.95 and the black one with pink stitching is marked down to €49.95. I do think it is a great top and I would buy it and wear it together with the Nike Sportbra

The twintip top is a lot cheaper then the top next to it. Originally it is €14.95 what I would pay for a nice ombre top but this one is also marked down for €7.95 what makes me want to buy two. It really reminds me of a sunset and I would pair it with some nice black shorts. It also comes in blue with green, but I personally do not like those colors together. If you do, leave a comment!


Lets start with the fact that I still Zumba a lot, it is my favorite kind of workout. I recently discovered that the zumba site currently has a sale and I picked my two favorite items to show you. On the left a cute shirt with a funny text.printed on it. I think it is really playful and it will raise some brows when people read it. This is a loose shirt with semi-off shoulder action. Originally €25.71 and marked down for €21.18

But my favorite zumba gear is the top on the right. It is a nice fitted tank with some sort of grungy texture on it. I love the combination of gray and yellow it really pops without being to annoying bright. This also comes in pink and purple. I did debating between yellow and purple as my favorite but I tought the purple was to pastel for me. Originally this was €20.57 and now it is on sale for €16.34 Also they have a lot more On sale here

So what do you think of this gear, would you wear it or would you rather prefer something different to sport. Do tell me in the comments what your favorite is! 

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