First I want to start by saying sorry for the fact that I did not put an article online yesterday. I had a lot on my mind and a lot of things to take care of. I know I am not obligated to write daily but I will try my best to do so. Anyways as a little 'gift' I wrote an extra large eBay article. With lots of nice clothing and pretty things. So I do hope you enjoy what I picked.


Tanktops in green and black I just simply love these kind of tank tops, I always buy these kind of tanks to wear on hot days or on colder days with a vest. These are really flattering for most people, also the front short and the back long is really nice. Also the print is really unique, it seems to be some sort of lion warrior?

This watermelon printed garment is actually a dress.  I personally would wear it as an oversize tank top with part stuck in the shorts. I think it is really flattering for most people and the watermelon print is adorable, I am debating between the pink and black version. I am really leaning toward the black one.


This cat skaterdress well what can I not love about it? I should not blabber about how I adore all things with cats on it because it makes me look semi-obsessed. But yes this dress, it is unique yet wearable. It has the statement top with the print and the simple black skirt. And best of all? Only $11.65 and being sold in three sizes.

Bodycon dresses are something that I really like but personally do not wear. This dress is very high on my wishlist, it is so detailed. I do not have a lot to say about this one, I think it is a dress that you love or hate. Some people might think it is to 'flashy' and others love the details. Also here are a lot more dresses in this style with a lot of different prints

Cotton Dress with Aztec Rabbit I am not sure how much I like this 'dress' Part of me thinks, a gray dress that looks like a sport suit. But then again I think the print is amazing, the rabbit and Aztec is a great pair. I think that this would be more awesome as a sweater with jeans then as a dress. I actually debating to get this one myself and just cut off the 'skirt' part on the bottom and wear it as a sweater. This one also comes in white for $13.09 what I think is a very decent price for eBay clothing.

I have no idea what this skirt is officially called. But this A-line High Waist Wrapped Hip Skirt is unique and tasteful. I also think this is really flattering because it 'wraps' round the body and gives a really sexy feel.  These skirts are $13.59 what I personally find a tad expensive for an eBay skirt. It is unique as I said before but the quality is always debatable. If I would buy this skirt I would go for the black or teal version. The black fits everything and the teal I would pair with a black blouse.

Following the subject of unique skirts we have this Front short, Back long Skirt No idea what the official name is I personally directly link a fishtail to it. Paired with some heels I think it would look really classy and paired with some flip flops it would be great on the beach. I think you can go a lot of ways with this skirt.

Now I do not know if the 'galaxy' trend has ended already but to be honest I really like these two skirts. the left and the right are really perfect. They have the whimsical feel with a stunning print. I adore the right one and it is high on my wishlist.

Do not get me started on these Crochet Shorts. In blue, red and beige, I want to collect them all! I think they are unique without standing out in a 'look at my crotch' kind of way. These just hit the 'summer' feel all the way for me. Also these are kind of inspiring, I am certain those shorts would not fit me. But they seem easy enough to DIY with some crochet lace and a needle.

So what is your favorite piece?

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