I debated if I wanted to keep my currently in story mode and I personally think it is a lot better to read this way, if you have an idea 'like I rather have it if you..." do leave a comment with your suggestion. So my currently for this week is not that long but I do have some nice things to share.

Currently I am getting ready for my vacation, I am one of those people who gets ready weeks in advanced. I am making lists with what I need and I am buying supplies. I know a lot of people go on vacation with a plane and are limited with what they can pack, I personally do not have that problem because I have a private jet. Just kidding, when I go on vacation we go with a caravan and stay at a camping. So I have a car and a caravan that I can fill with my junk and with clothing where 50% will not be worn off. 

I am going to a camping near Innsbruck, I have no idea what to expect about the area. I only know Swarovski World is nearby and I need to visit that. If you where on vacation or perhaps live near the area and you are reading this and you think "Denna you need to visit..."  do leave me a comment! 

Medically I have a lot of stuff going on, mostly is boring and hard to explain. But to make a long story short, my body somehow reacts really strange and we need to test some things out before knowing what is wrong. So I am keeping up with my 'stay healthy' workouts and foods but I also take in account that it will do almost nothing for my appearance. So yeah it is not a win-win situation.  

Those who follow me on instagram know I dyed my hair, well I redid my roots because they where showing. I always get self-conscious about my roots somehow I think they make me look dirty. I am actually planning on dip dying it in pink, purple or turquoise. I am not really set on the color but I am leaning towards pink.

O yes and I almost forgot! The most 'exciting' part of my week. I bought bandwidth at photobuck because I always had the problem that it was near expiring and wiping away all my images. So I am paying a few euros every month and will take care of the problem of all the images getting busted. I should have bough more sooner because I always held back in picture heavy articles because they cost more bandwidth but now I am paying for it I can add as much as I want. So really really really happy for that! 

So a boring week for me, not a lot up. Just a lot of planning
I do hope you guys have a lot more up currently, if so leave me a comment!

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