It was my birthday!

So yesterday was my birthday and I turned 24 yeah, I do guess I look younger so this might be a surprise to some people. So today my currently with how my birthday was and ofcourse my intake at my new school. So read more to see how my week was.


So lets start with my birthday yesterday, I am not a birthday person and I normally do not tell people it is my birthday. I do not know what it is but I rather not be the center of attention for my birthday. So the day after, I got a few sweet gifts mostly from my granny. I am editing the pictures as a 'shoplog' or 'birthday haul' kind of article. I also got some new make-up with a gift card send to me by ICI Paris XL so I will include that in the haul article but also write a review about it with some nice pictures and swatches. 
Furthermore most of my birthday present was the 'trip to Swarovski world' I think I wrote about that before, in three weeks I am leaving for Austria where I will visit the wonderful world of glitter and stones so my parents and sister decided to give me money so I can buy some sparkly things. 

The camera

I have the patience of a 3 year old, I wrote about getting a camera before. It still did not arrive while the company wrote 'two workdays' Those two workdays have long passed sadly enough, so I have been waiting in front of my door for the mailman to arrive. I actually never filmed myself while talking and I never filmed myself talking English. So this can be horrible wrong or it can be fun, I am not sure yet but I am excited for it! 

Medical stuff that is going on

People who read my currently articles know that I am working hard to lose weight by working out a lot and eating healthy. You also know that I have not been able to loose anything. Now lets not trow stones and call me a failure because I might have found the reason. I will not get to medical because that is boring and personally I do not know half of the words in English. So to make a long story short my body might be making to much of something what results in me storing a lot of fat on my belly and face. I have decent arms and legs so that was what always stood out to me and that is what the doctor also noticed. I gave blood to be tested and in two days I will get those results and then I need to wait for 5 more weeks to give a second portion of my blood to get that tested and then I will get results. Half of me is scared like crazy but then again this might give me the answers I always wanted, this could result in me finding out that I am not the reason why I am not losing weight but my body is. I do not know if you all find this interested, I might keep you updated if you are. So leave a comment with if you want to read the whole story with updates?


Last but not least, I had my intake at my new school. I had to give a presentation about myself and I was scared out of my mind. I have the tendency to get red, shake and blabber when I am nerves so I was sure I would screw this up. In the end I met some really nice people so for the people reading this who have found my blog because I mentioned I blogged. HEY! Leave a comment so I know. But yeah, I got some really good feedback on my presentation while I tought I messed it up, I must have a poker face that is great. I am actually debating on learning poker now because I have the face for it. Really nice school building, it is a tad more old then I expected because I am used to modern new school but all in all I felt at home.

So this was my currently, as I always end with...I am really nosy and I would love what is up with you currently. So do leave a comment!

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