21 Rouge making of ouvert

Let me start with stating the fact that I am really a lipstick kind of girl. I need to have something on my lips before leaving the house and even without other make-up I tend to add some lipstick. So soon I have a 'first day' and I wanted a new lipstick as lucky charm yes I am silly like that. I wanted into Ici ParisXL and my eye directly fell on the Bourjois display. They had a sale where it was 1+1 free. So I decided to get a lipstick and a compact. I will write about the compact later but today lets take a look at the lipstick that I bought.

The rouge saga continues

If I am correct this is part of the rouge saga but this is the shine subcategory. These are 8 colors inspired on the IT-Trends of the season. It is said to have the shine of a gloss, a stunning color and the feel of a balm. It will hydrate your lips for 10 hours. So it makes a lot of promisses and sounds perfect, but lets put that to the test? Also I payed 13 euro for this lipstick...

The design

Admitting that I am a visual person might not be surprising, I rather buy a product with a nice design and pay some euros extra then buying a cheap product that I absolutely hate design wise. This product might be the nicest designed product that I bought lately. I will try not to write a load about the design but to keep this short and sweet. I think the people behind the design are brilliant. The lipstick looks classy yet modern, I have not see a design like this and I adore how unique this is. The cap is very shiny and fits with the product name, of coarse you will smudges and finger prints on this but I will take that for granted. 

Printed on the package are the words "Shine" and "Edition" The brand name "Bourjois" feels like stamped into the package what makes it all feel more expensive. The bottom has the same color as the lipstick and makes it easy to pick from your stash if you have more of these. I adore the coral accents on the lipstick and the top of the package, it all matches and fits together. Last but not least because I am writing a whole paragraph about the design I love the design on the lipstick itself, it is cut of diagonal and it seems less wide then most lipsticks. It all makes it easier to apply.

On the lips

Lets start with the fact that it does what Bourjous promises. The moment you apply this to the lips you really get the feel of a balm yet the color of an lipstick. It feels really smooth on the lips and I think this is perfect for summer because it does not feel heavy. I will be taking this with me on vacation to apply when going out or to dinner. But now the part that I always find most important in reviews, how does it look applied?

Excuses the horrible nude lips, as you can see I like to pull on loose pieces and it leaves my lips chapped and ugly. I know I should on that. Lets start with the one swipe, I tested this color in the store and did a 'one swipe' just like I did in the picture, it does look very sheer and glossy when you do that on your skin. It gives the illusion of something really sheer. But as you can see on the picture where I applied the lipstick you can build it up to great color. It covers perfectly, even the chapped pieces are 'gone' I took this picture with a flash and you can see that it gives of a very glossy look. Normally with glossy you get sticky for free. But this lipstick is everything but sticky, so really props to that. I do think the color is a standout, daring if I would  have to pick an other word. But I love it, it also makes the teeth look whiter and it would be perfect with a black cat eyeliner and nude eye shadow.

So what do you all think, would you wear this lipstick?

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