What I am wearing this summer!

I am not a big bracelet person, I prefer a nice watch, necklace or earrings. Mostly I wear my silver bangle or my black sparkly bangle but I decided to step out off my little box and dig out some bracelets that I want to wear this summer, I will be taking these three with me on vacation. So to see where I got them from and to see more pictures, read more

Wake up concealer

I got this for my life as a busy student, so I can cover those bags underneath my eyes after studying all day long. But yeah jokes aside, I really needed a new concealer and when looking for concealers I came across the wake up concealer from Manhattan. It is said to make tired eyes look luminous again and it has light reflective pigments for a fresh look. It comes in two shades and I picked 1 the lightest.

Cute summer footwear

Summer is mostly spend for me in flipflops but at times you need some pretty footwear when you are going out and about. I found some really cute and cheap shoes on eBay that I really wanted to share. Most of them are flat because I link summer with flat footwear and shorts but I also found some cute high heels.

Light in purple

To be honest I already wrote 3 times about the color tattoo. But recently I got a new one and I loved the color so much that I wanted to share it with you all as some sort of tip. The information provided in this article is the same as in the other articles because the pricing and quality is all the same. So read more for 85- Light in purple

Catrice lipstain in Rosewood Avenue

I am always looking forward to the Catrice and Essence new collections to hit stores because it means two things. First of it means that some stuff is leaving and those things are going away at a sale price. In Germany that means every product is €1.75 and in Holland they normally price everything 50% off. I am not sure if Holland is doing that again this year, do you know do leave me a comment. But yesterday I took a trip to Germany and snatched one thing up for €1.75. This lipstain that is leaving. Read more to see if it is worth the buy....

On vacation!

So the last few weeks where very hectic for me because I am leaving on vacation tomorrow morning at 6. Starting from tomorrow I will still be posting articles but not by hand but thanks to bloggers scheduled feature. I wrote enough blogposts till I come back so you will still have a daily article to read.

I scrapped my Sunday article with 'Currently' and just posted a review of some sort because I can not write currently when I am away. Also some fit friday articles made place for product reviews because I had more inspiration for those.

I will be going to Austria near Innsbruck, so if you are nearby do leave me a comment and keep an eye out for a girl with bright pink dip dye.

How my gaming life turned upside down...

So I have not expressed it a lot on my blog but I love gaming, I am actually going to include it more on my blog at a later stage but today a personal article about what happend with my NDS lite and why I got a 3DS. People who follow me in Instagram might have seen this picture here where I showed you that my NDS lite hinge broke. But do read more for my story...

04 Peach on the Beach

So this is part of my birthday present from ICIparisxl.nl I got a really nice discount on this and I really had to buy this shade because it is stunning. I am pretty sure this is my first peach lip product and I was really excited. Also for the girls that are leaving on vacation soon, this is a tip! So read more for swatches and more.

At time for watching

As a jewelry obsess person I am always looking for jewelry normally I tend to lean to brands I know. I weekly check Time For Watching and my eye fell on Super Stylish a brand still unknown to me. But they do have amazing things for a decent price. I made my own little wishlist, so read more!

Bright pink neon dip dye

So I tought my obsession with dip dye had passed and I did not feel the need to color my hair any different then the usual white blonde. But one night while browsing Tumblr I struck the above image and fell in love. The dip dye was higher then most dip dyes I had seen and the bight pink looks amazing with the white blonde hair. I needed this hair in my life, so I went to search for the perfect dye. 

Welcome to the world of box dyes

So let talk something I use every 2-3 months, hair dye! I tend to stick to Schwarzkopf XXL colors intense in absolute platinum. It is my holy grail, it does not hurt when applied and it gives me the shade that I want. I have been using package dyes as long as I remember and I stick to lightening my roots to minimize damage on my hair. Sadly enough my holy grail is not sold in stores nearby and I stock up when I go to the store, but when I run out I tent to experiment with other dyes. This time I picked up a Syoss lightener in ultra plus. This one was said to be the most intense out of three lighteners. So lets take a look at this dye!

Mixed article, checklist and suggestions to get online

So I was making a list for myself as a reminder what I needed to toss into my schoolbag for next school year. I need to buy some things and I need to find some things. When I wrote down the list I tought "Perhaps some people would also like to use a list like this" So with a bit of photoshop I made a checklist for you all to buy, I also would advice using some bags to store things in, so I found some cute ones on eBay for you all. So read more for the checklist and my suggestions.

Laser Cut clutches

I tend to make it my quest to find pretty, unique and cheap things on eBay. I set a small goal 'like laser cut clutches in neon' and then I just go wild and end up with 30 listings from cheap to expensive and with many different designs. Then I cut it down to my favorites and collage them for you to enjoy, so if you want to see what lovely clutches I found do read more.

030 Aquatic Blue

When I visited the DM in Germany last time I decided to be bold and buy an eyeliner that was a bright blue. To be honest, when does a person why blue eyeliner? I have no idea but I tought it would be nice to wear on vacation when it is warm and you want a little make-up but not that much. So you can leave the eye shadow at home and just go for color with your eyeliner.

Mi Moneda dream catcher coin in silver

Dream Catcher

So a while ago I decided to get a small gift for myself, I got a lot of large coins but my little coin pendant does not have a lot of coins. So I had my heart set on a gold one because I had no small gold coins. So as you can see I got a Dream Catcher, how and why you can read after clicking the button below also I took some more pictures.

Go on and spam

I have a blogloving list that would put many others to shame and I check every blog from people that comment. Now I know there are also bloggers that read my blog but do not comment. I want to give them a little nudge/spotlight to spam their blog. I have not yet put one of these online this month, so this is the one time that you can spam your blog in the comments. I personally like it if you tell a bit about your blog, like what it is about and perhaps a link to your own favorite article up to date?

I do hope to find some blogs to follow!


I debated if I wanted to keep my currently in story mode and I personally think it is a lot better to read this way, if you have an idea 'like I rather have it if you..." do leave a comment with your suggestion. So my currently for this week is not that long but I do have some nice things to share.

27 oh my doll

Last time when I wrote about Bourjois I reviewed also a lipstick from the shine collection I went for the 21 Rouge making of ouvert what is a stunning shade of red. While reading the comments I read that Alexandra does not wear red but would prefer a pink version. I debated this by myself, I also wear pink more myself so why did I buy a red one and not a pink one. So in one mad dash to the store I set my heart on getting a pink one, seeing the quality of these lipsticks are great! Also how cute is the name...oh my doll!

Summer [mostly sale] Edition

Nothing motivates me more then nice clothing to work out in but also cloths that sit loose and do not feel like a to tight prom dress that you bought a few months before prom. I went online shopping and found some really nice clothing that I would wear while working out. I tried to get some different things that where not to expensive but also good quality. So I do hope you enjoy.

45 Infinite white

I love these color tattoos. Let me just say that before blabbering on, I have a Pink Gold one and Always green the later one that I do not use a lot. I prefer the one I am showing you all today and the pink gold one. As you can see in my very white orientated pictures I have infinite white as color tattoo. I got this a base but also to use in the corner of my eyes and create a smokey eye/ombre look.

I found some pretty similar things

For inspiration I turn to the internet like a lot of people. And when I found the things I like in pictures I go and search all kind of online shopping sites to find matching pieces. This article works the same way, I found some pictures of things that I think are very pretty and then in the text under it I listed links to similar items. I tried to keep it all budget because I myself have a small budget. So do read more to see what I found.

Bleaching a pair of shoes

While browsing online I found a pair some amazing ombre sneakers by Superga, granted they where not very expensive for shoes I decided to DIY with a pair of old sneakers that I once bought for a few euro. So this is super easy and it does not require a lot of things.

The haul!

As promised, I made pictures of what I got for my birthday. And I do know there are only 5 items there, but 5 very nice items. As I said yesterday I got mostly money so there will be a part two of the birthday haul but after my vacation. So do read more to see what I got and some background information.

It was my birthday!

So yesterday was my birthday and I turned 24 yeah, I do guess I look younger so this might be a surprise to some people. So today my currently with how my birthday was and ofcourse my intake at my new school. So read more to see how my week was.


First I want to start by saying sorry for the fact that I did not put an article online yesterday. I had a lot on my mind and a lot of things to take care of. I know I am not obligated to write daily but I will try my best to do so. Anyways as a little 'gift' I wrote an extra large eBay article. With lots of nice clothing and pretty things. So I do hope you enjoy what I picked.

21 Rouge making of ouvert

Let me start with stating the fact that I am really a lipstick kind of girl. I need to have something on my lips before leaving the house and even without other make-up I tend to add some lipstick. So soon I have a 'first day' and I wanted a new lipstick as lucky charm yes I am silly like that. I wanted into Ici ParisXL and my eye directly fell on the Bourjois display. They had a sale where it was 1+1 free. So I decided to get a lipstick and a compact. I will write about the compact later but today lets take a look at the lipstick that I bought.

The Salmon Dance

Catrice currently has the limited edition called 'Hip Trip" the above lip color is part of the collection. I bought this in a rush without making a swatch off it. It was the only shade left in the display and I liked the package so I snatched this one up. So want to see swatches and my review? 

So it is Julu

The months seem to come and go faster then I can keep up it seems. I looked at my planner and soundly realized that today is the first of July. I decided to make a Hello July article where I will tell you what I am planning for the blog, my goals and what is coming up this month beside my birthday and vacation. So do read more!

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