In the dutch bloggers realm there has been a tag going round called "How fake are you?" It is a playful tag that should not be taken that serious, even when everything applies to you it should not imply that you are fake. I decided to translate it and fill it for you all to enjoy. So lets see how fake I am? 

Did you ever have plastic surgery?

First one is a real home run question. I can be short about it and say "Yes I did" but people might get the wrong idea. I got at age 16 reductive surgery because I had horrible back pains. So I did not have plastic surgery for 'visual' reasons but to reduce pain. 

Do you use false lashes?

No, I do like how they look at times. I think they can really finish a look especially the current styles that are out there. There are so many natural ones to pick from and I would love to wear them, but somehow I am horrible at applying them.

Do your wear extensions?

Again a no from me, I do have a set that is send to me for review and I will put that up very soon. I found that I like the extensions, it gives a lot of flexibility. But I have not come around yet to wearing them a lot. Above you can see a small preview for when I tried they out for the first time. Sadly enough the pictures where taken in the wrong setting making most of them unusable.

Do you daily wear make-up?

I see a pattern. I have to admit I wear make-up a lot but not daily. I can go weeks without make-up and then turn to my signature look again. Make-up is for me about expressing myself and the same as wearing cloths. It is something I do for myself and I like it. But it is not that I fear going without. I think I am okay both ways. 

Would you ever consider plastic surgery?

For fixing something that gives me pain or makes my life difficult. Yes I would. As I said before if you have pain or something plastic surgery can be wonderful.

Can you live without make-up?

Yes and No. I would not die and become a crying mess because I can not wear make-up. But I would miss it, it is something that I enjoy and like. So taking that away would suck, a lot. Like above for example, I just love trying out combinations how silly they may seem and just have fun with it. And then for daily wear just do something I love. I like myself with a nice winged eyeliner and some pink or red lips. So I would be a little sad if that would be taken away from me.

Do you have fake nails?

Never had, I have pretty long nails myself all natural not feeding my own ego here. I love how they look but I am sure fake nails would not survive with me. I craft a lot and play sports. Volleyball and fake nails do not go together so I never came around to getting myself some fake nails even when I like they way they look. Some day I want to have a pair of stiletto nails!

Do you dye your hair?

I am not a natural white headed girl as most of you know. I used to have really light blonde hair when I was younger but as I grew older my hair darkened and somehow I could not feel myself being a dark haired girl. So I keep my hair this white/blonde by touching up my roots every 2/3 months. It is less strain for my hair and I still get the color I want. 

Do you tan?

I do lay in the sun in the summer but somehow my skin prefers its light color. So I try and fail every year. I do use self tanner out of a can or bottle but that is only once or twice a year. I do get asked a lot if I keep out of the sun to stay as light as I am, no I do not but somehow I can not get really tanned. 

So the 'fake' tag. I had fun filling this one out and giving you a slight peek into my persona. I do hope you enjoyed reading this,

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