Lets make a happy list!

It has been a while since I wrote a positive message of the week. Perhaps because I was in a negative slur myself or because I had a lot to write in my currently articles, I am not sure yet. But I was inspired to make and give an other positive message of the week. I am a person who adores making lists, I violate a lot of notebooks from front to end with lists of what I need to do and what I need to think off. So today I want to share my list with things that I am happy about at the moment, and I do hope you will enjoy reading it and if you feel inspired do leave your own list in the comments.

What makes me happy?

My new lay-out 
Yes again a new lay-out. I am very sorry for changing around so much but I really did not like my last lay-out and when I visited my own blog I was not happy. Now I finally made something that I really like and what fits with the image I want my blog to have. It is clean yet girly and pink without turning into a Barbie fan page. It still needs some small tweaks in the sidebar, a bit of moving around and a new welcome image. But overal I am really happy with it.

Healthy drinks 
I am a bit of a healthy fan, not in the usual 'I need to portray a healthy image for my blog" but I destroyed my body with not so healthy drinks full of aspartame. So when I started to turn to a more healthy lifestyle I went for water, juice and tea but I do miss the bubbly sensation of soft drinks. Now Holland has a new brand called "Holy Soda" that is perfect for those moments that I want bubbles. Also the commercial is really cute

Waterproof make-up that is really waterproof 
We all know the claims of make-up that is waterproof but makes you a panda the moment it starts to rain. I found these P2 Kajal Pencils that I reviewed but I also found some colored eyeliners that have the same staying power. So I am really happy that I came across these and I will review these soon! 

Sand polish
I know the trend ended and we are over sand polishes but I can not get enough of these polishes on my nails! I have three colors that you can see at the end of this article. And I just love the unique glitter effect, when I check my nails it makes me smile. It is like glitter, but better!

Cat headbands and Packages
The mailman knows my house really well seeing he delivers a load of packages mostly from eBay and mostly in yellow padded envelopes. Lets just say that when you know the feeling of 5 yellow envelopes shoved on your doormat it makes you really happy. Ripping apart the package to see the cheap thing you ordered is really a happy moment I like to have. Also including the cat headband that was in one of the packages I got today. You might have read this article about these headbands, I got it and I will be wearing this on my birthday.  Also I might post a picture when the time comes.

Shopping in Germany 
Every 3 weeks I go to Germany to shop and buy a lot of cheap make-up. Just the feeling of paying 5 euro for a compact that is 15 euro where I live makes me happy because I save money to spend on other things.
Birthday Cards
ICI Paris send me my first birthday card of the year. While it is still not my birthday for an other week it made my day. And I know my day gets made easy, but I just stores that really think about their costumers also the 5 euro giftcard is a nice extra seeing I got my eye on a new lipstick.

Discovering good Skincare
I admit I am not a real skincare person, normally I just slap it on halfhearted and hope that it works. But ever since I discovered the tripple active line from L'oreal I am sold on good skincare. Every morning and night I use it and my skin improved so much. So these little discoveries are great!

So what is on your happy list?

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