Hello June

Today a new article, I normally alternate between positive message and Currently. But seeing it is a new month I decided it is a good time to start a new article, new month new goals. I noticed that when I set goals for myself it is easier to achieve them. So I am going to share my goals for June with you all and I do hope you will also leave your goal or goals for this month in the comments!

So this month June till July

♥ I am going to work on my sidebar, it is currently a big messy and all over the place. I want to make it a tad more unique but still neat. 
♥ I might make a new lay-out. I am still asking people for 'what do you hate or love when you look at my lay-out' I get a lot of positive reactions but then again I think it can improve. Do you have some tips do leave me a comment.
♥ I am going to an article on Fit Friday about water, seeing a lot of people have a difficult time to drink enough water daily also I want to include the benefits of water. So I need to put my information to paper.
♥ I am going to try to put atleast 2 Diaries online, last month I did not have a Denna Diary because my life was kind of slow. So I will try to take some pictures and hopeful it will result in a nice article.
♥ I will work on my grammar and spelling, I have a hard time with all languages and I will always have troubles but I will try my best to improve this month.

Not a lot of goals but it are goals that I want to achieve this month. 
So what is on your goal list?

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