Statement earrings!

Yes again a jewelry orientated blog post but one I really wanted to share. I am a statement necklace girl or a nice big bracelet is also nice. But my collection was really lacking something, statement earrings. Since I won these amazing earrings  I have been interested in expending my earring collection to get some more big pieces. But not only big, also with some color. So read more for more pictures, pretty pictures if I do say so myself. And of coarse where to get these gems.

Ofcoarse from eBay

I have to admit that the mailman surely knows how my mailbox looks. I think eBay is perfect because you will not have the same thing 20 other girls have who live close to the same stores. Also eBay is just dirty cheap what also attracts me for fashion and trend jewelry. So I got these earrings from this listing for only $3.96 the seller also has more cute jewelry that you can view here. Including these colorful earrings and beaded earrings. So view the store at own risk because it has a high buy buy buy factor.

Plus and Minus

These earrings have strong points but also weaker points. Lets start with the good parts and end on a negative note seeing that I do not have many bad things to say. The gems are very assorted from clear and facet to more gemstones like. ofcoarse these are not real stones but it does give the appearance off. What I think is great, it makes it looks more expensive then that they where. Also there is a detail on the side of these earrings in a pattern of triangles. The earring itself is very sturdy I wore it a few times and even dropped it to the floor without it breaking or losing it stones. So really props for that. The seller that I bought from packed these with so much bubble wrap that a car could go over it without braking it what makes me want to buy more from this seller. But as I said there were also some minor points that I did not like. The back of these earrings are horrible. The first time I wore these they fell when I moved my head so no way that I was wearing these earrings with the back that was included. But somehow with a pair of normal earring backings they stay in perfectly. Now as you might have seen in the pictures these are some big earrings with stones and big wide metal round it. These are not feather light and I would not say these are for a full day of wear. I can see people wearing these to an event or party and then taking them off in the car but I personally do not think you should wear these for a long time because you will get droopy ear holes. 

So yeah, I am reather happy with these earrings. They look really great and are perfect for summer.
What do you think, yeah or nah? 

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