If there is one brand I adore it is House of Harlow,the jewelry line from Nicole Richie. I love the style of the jewelry and the fact that even if it is by a designer it does not make you poor. It has a bohemian inspired look and is very unique. I listed my favorite five pieces, do read more for prices and more.

Olbers Paradox

The earrings in the upper left corner might not be everybody their cup of tea but I think they are great. I love the Nicole did not go for large hoops but middle sized ones. The details on this one are amazing, every round piece has a pattern round it that reminds me of the Aztec trend and the stones are a nice pointed black crystal. The Olbers Paradox set has beside earrings also a ring this ring is only €35 what I think is cheap for a ring that is gold plated. And then we have a matching necklace to make the set complete for €43 you can get this simple but cute necklace. Also like the ring and the earrings it has a facet crystal in black and a pattern round the stone. What I like about this necklace is that is is small and not an eyecatcher. If you where to wear this whole set the earrings would be the thing to stand out and the necklace and ring would complement it. 

Horseshoe bangle

Maybe even more then the Olbers Paradox set I love the horseshoe bangle.  The design is stunning, while the bangle is inspired by a simple horseshoe it has tiny pyramid studs on the end to give it the special boost that it needs. I think this is a bangle that would suit many outfit because it is not a big statement but it does give a little extra. This one is €37 euro and it would be perfect to get as a birthday gift. A big hint to my sister. Again this is in gold, I wished Nicole would also give the option to get this one is silver or rose gold but still it is ontop of my list.

Goddess Trinity Collar Necklace

People who read my blog know I am currently having a teal phase. I love the way this necklace has a pop of color but also negative space. Again there is played with texture on the gold with engraved patterns round the teal parts. This necklace is a tad more expensive for €89 you can get this one. It is a bit more then lets say a bangle but then again it is also a bigger statement. I think it is very summer orientated and it has a lot of flair.

So what is your favorite piece of this collection?

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