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Nowadays it is easy to do a workout at home, I personally prefer it because I do not have to take a long car ride to a gym. I do not have to worry about other people and I can directly start when I feel like it. There are a lot of options to workout from DVD's to Games. Today I am going to show you a site that has free workout movies. So read more to see some of my favorite workout videos of Fitness Blender

From a 1000 calories to core

The above video is amazing and rather hard if so say so myself. When I do an hour of Zumba I burn 600 calories this video promises to burn a 1000 and that is for an lighter person then me. So if you had a big meal, lots of candy and to much to eat. The above workout is great. It also targets every part of your body so it is a full body workout. If you want something less extreme the site also has shorter video's and easier ones. You can search for a workout that is exactly what you need by using the search function


If I love something it is boxing related workouts, they are fun and burn a nice amount. What attracts me to this site is the fact that the trainers talk enough, they give a load of information without a lot of 'OMG Look at me!" annoying attitude. The video's do not have music under them but I personally think that when you did these video's once you can turn off the sound and put up your own music. 


I love planking because it is perfect for the core, so if you want an amazing belly I would advice planking. But when you are like me and did a lot of planking the fun gets out of it. I found this above video and it shows so much variation of planking. It makes it fun again! Also it is an amazing workout that you really feel afterwards.

From A to Z

It has a load of video's and everything for everybody. I personally adore this site and I think I will be using it a lot in my workout routine. So if you want to work out at home I really advice this site. Because you will never get bored

So what do you think? Did you get as excited as me when I first discovered this site?

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