How to get your daily intake of water.

I know a lot of people have trouble getting their daily intake of water, especially when it is hot you sweat and lose water. But also because you pee and breath you lose water this all is round 2.5 liters. You also get some water by eating but you still need to drink round 1.5 till 2 liters. Now if you have trouble drinking your daily dose of water read more for 5 tips to drink more water.

1. Carry water with you everywhere

I collect little water bottles to take with me when I go somewhere. Even for shopping I take a bottle of water with me so I can take a few sips to keep hydrated. For home use I found that using a big bottles works better. I fill up an empty liter bottle and keep it next to my desk when working on the computer, every once in a while I fill up my glass and drink. It works so much easier because you can track how much you drank but also you do not need to walk to the sink to refill your glass every time

2. Drink at set times

Drinking at set times makes getting your water intake easy. Now I do not mean that you need to set an alarm for every time you want to drink. But when you wake up start the day with a glass of water, when you brushed your teeth also drink a glass of water, before every meal take a glass of water and before going to sleep take a glass of water. This are already 6 glasses of water spread over the day.

3. Hide the flavor

I know there are people who do not like the taste of water and then go for soft drinks or juices. But there are other ways to drink water without going toward something 'chemical' Making fruit infused water is a thing I really like doing in the summer and it is very easy. You just fill a big pitcher with water and then add some fruit and let it stay overnight. You can also add mint of other herbs. It is really fun to experiment and find your favorite taste.

4. Ice cream!

You might think, what the hell ice cream? On a hot day ice cream is like heaven. Just get one of these things and just add water and something for flavor and you have your own water ice that cools you down but also gives your body water.

5. Do not force it

I think the moment you force yourself to finish every bottle of water and drink till you are sick off it you are doing something wrong. You will not keep it up and fall back in old patterns. So do take your time to build up how much water you drink. In the beginning you will be running to the toillet to pee a lot but that will level out more the more you get used to it. 

So do you drink enough?
Till next time


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