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The first thing tag is something that has been rolling round the big bad internet for some time now. I decided that I wanted to have an other personal article on my blog. So I decided to answer this tag and hopefully you all have fun reading it.

First thing you do the moment you wake up?
I am one of those people who checks her phone first. Recently I tossed my alarm clock out because it gave to much light and I have not bought a new clock yet. So I have to check the time on my phone that is nested beside me and then I directly go into 'reading mails' mode. I walk downstairs with my phone in my head planning the whole day. I would have never imaged that my phone would be so 'glued to me' I was the kind of person who screamed "I do not need my phone, I am not an addict" Well, I have to take that back because since I got a smartphone, it has become a part of me. In the non creepy way.

First thing you do when you are about to workout?
I normally workout at home and the first thing I do is fill one or two water bottles, I like to grab my bottle between workouts and chuck down some water. Especially when I Zumba at home I take a sip every time thing thing loads. If I do not fill it in advance I normally forget and end up thirsty at the end of the work-out.

First thing you do when you come home?
My dad calls it 'waking up the whole house' I normally barge in with a 'I am home bitches!" scream that makes sure everybody knows I am there. Ofcoarse this is not great when we have guests but old habits die hard. I often go and greet everybody, including my cats before I take of my coat and shoes.

First car?
A Fiat Panda that I share with my Granny, it is 50% mine. But a real car that is 100% mine, not yet but I do have my eye on some cars.

First fine you got? 
Dangerous biking, good old times. It is really a fine you can get here in Holland and when I got it I payed 12 euro. The officer somehow tought my name was 'Dennna' with three 'N' and he misspelled almost everything.   Do take note that dangerous biking sounds more "OMG awsome" then it was, I corssed the road for a shortcut and so I did not need to wait infront of the traffic lights, a few days before that there was an accent on the same spot where I crossed, actually where everybody of my old school used to cross and still crosses. They decided to send out a message and give out some fines. I have my drivers licence for a bit over 4 years now and I still have not gotten a single fine yet.

First choice with drinks?
Actually is shifted from cola light [so not healthy] to water. I always ask water now a days while a year ago I would not even think about getting water. Last week I was at a birthday party and somebody asked me if I wanted cola, sprite or fanta and I replied "Water?" I got a strange look but I also got my glass of water. So yeah, I adore water.

First choice with deserts?
Icecream, hands down ICE-CREAM. Mostly yogurt based but I also adore other kinds.

First song you think of?
Emeli Sandé - Clown. Lately I have been obsest with that song while normally I would go for something more upbeat. And something I can dance to.

First big buy?
Such a hard question. I have no clue but if I had to pick I would say my Playstation 2? I have no idea because I never buy really expensive things. I am a cheap person, most of my electronics are investments or something I saved for.

So this was my first, first tag, do you have a tag that is interesting and that you want to see me answer do leave a comment with that tag and I might fill it.

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