What was up in June

I set my goal to do two Denna Diaries in June, but I still have not mastered snapping pictures at every aspect of life. So I only had enough pictures for only one part this June. Still I hope you will enjoy these pictures. I know people who follow my instagram will recognize some of these seeing I always have my phone with me to snap pictures. I am debating on getting a small digital camera just for these kind of articles. My big expensive camera is just to much to take with me everyday. But enough of an intro, lets go on to the pictures! And let me say, they are a lot.

One of those rare good hair days.

I love big hair and some volume sadly my hair most of the times fall flat. But somehow one morning in June it fell great, without me having to use some product. I of coarse have to snap a picture. I think this picture made me realize that I take a lot of instagram pictures of myself with the phone covering my face. Also this pose is horrible because the white tank top blends with my hair and gives an illusion that I did not want to give. 

Lipstick cat

This is one of my current favorite pictures of one of my cats. I have it as background of my phone because it is just so cute. My phone is not great at taking pictures because it has a cheap camera, but I can not afford to get an expensive phone. This picture hit a home run for me because of the way her eyes look, they look alive if I can say it that way. The slight twinkle in her eyes is priceless. Also you might have noticed the pink mark on her forehead. For all you girls loving lipstick and cats, do not give your cat a kiss on the forehead while wearing lipstick it will leave a mark. 


This month I also ordered some things on eBay, things that I need to take pictures off and post on my blog. I got everything already except the little rings on the lower left. The upper right earrings I already posted an article about here and the reactions where positive. I have to say the reactions from people I met where also very nice because they commented on them right away with a "Where did you get them!" and most could not believe that I got these from eBay for so cheap. The files I have already written an article about, the studs above I am still debating on showing on my blog, I am thinking about putting it together with the little rings in one article because they are both very small items. The bracelet is currently laying on my desk and ready to put onto digital picture. The phone case is for my Galaxy Y that you will see in instagram pictures, that hopefully do not cover my face.


These pictures seem really old for a reason, I snapped them at the start of June because I was not sure if I wanted the blouse on the left and I debating if peplum was flattering me on the right. I actually decided to go back for the blouse of the left a few days later but the store did not have it anymore and it was also not online. So I am kind of sad for that, I have been searching online for a similar blouse online but it really has been a lesson that if I adore something I should buy it directly. The peplum on the right, I did not buy because the top was awkward by the boobs, but I do like the little peplum on top of the skirt so I am debating on a DIY with some fabric I own. 

But my second trip to H&M was not without buy, as you can see above and below I got some nice shorts. These where only 5 euro a piece and dirty cheap. They are still on sale at H&M. And I would advice getting these bigger. I actually have a 38/40 European size but I got these at a 44. These sit so much better oversized and look really cute. The barok print really had me and the random splotches of red lace are cute. 

The above shorts I got in beige and black. I personally really love the black one because the blue really pops but I could not leave the beige one behind. Also only 5 euro a piece and perfect for vacation!

Also lets take a moment to love the stitching on these shorts. It is really nice!

Denna VS Photoshop

This picture I used at an article but I most of the time use it at forums and such. I loved the idea of having my own face as a profile picture but I did not have the balls to go 'full face' so I decided to get creative and merge half of my face with that of a lion. I first tried my face with a picture of my cat but my cats have big eyes and sadly enough I have very small eyes myself so it looked more creepy then intended. A lion was a great pick because of the hair and eyes. At least I love it for a first try at merging

I have big melons

The joke "Look at my big melons" fell a lot this week. A bit childish but I was really happy with the melon I bough. Somehow this year melons are very expensive and only available as a whole. I normally buy a half and just go with it. But last week I found a melon for 3 euro, a big one and a full one. And best off all these where seedless. So I am hacking and eating away at this lovely piece of fruit. Also it hydrates because it is mostly water, great if you have trouble with drinking enough water what was the subject off yesterdays article

Late night eBay buy

Then we also have my late night eBay buy. I got this little bag for my big bag so I can toss in my USB stick, MP3 player and other small stuff without it getting lost in my bag. I am also debating on getting an other color of this one for my pens and other school stuff. I am really excited to go to school again after the summer and I am hoarding stuff I need for school.

Lots of outside time with my cats

Yeah this picture is one of my favorites also it has my favorite to do on it. We have a small piece of grass in our garden. It is just big enough for two cats and especially made for our cats. When the grass is getting longer my black kitten likes to lay in the tall grass and hide. I also love to give her a hand and toss some grass on her for full coverage. Silly but she likes it.

My other older cat likes to drink water from the fountain. She really needs to drink a lot and loves water that is in motion. So the fountain is great for her. 

And last but not least we have this picture that has a great story. When it was sunny I decided to sit in the sun on the chair you see. After a while I decided that I wanted to lay on the ground because sitting was not that great on the warm plastic. So I grabbed some large pillow and layed  down on the floor. I was laying for five seconds when my black kitten came running and jumped on the chair and decided to sit with me. It was a cute picture with my cat on the chair and me on the floor. I decided to take this picture because she looked really cute from where I was laying.

So yeah, my June in pictures.
Till next time,

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