What is up currently? Not much....

So life is currently eventful but not that interesting. I have some fun thing to mention and some things less interesting. So for a sneak peek into my life....


So next year I am going to go to school again, it is funny because I do think it will be loads of work but I do think I will keep updating my blog daily. I will have more pictures to share on my instagram because I will be working on a lot more then I currently am. When I am going to school I am debating on working with a set time for articles, I am still figuring it all out but I know how to do it. I am still debating on what time to get it online because it has pro's and con's to get it out early. Although a lot of international people read my blog so I can never get a time that is good for everybody. So I am debating on getting it the same time out as I am currently doing, if you think 'I rather have it earlier / later" do leave a comment.

So about school, on the 5th next month I have my first introduction day. I need to give a presentation about myself. I think it is scary times 50. I am still working on it all and I think it will be a great presentation about myself but the thing that scares me is that you never know what other people will do. I do not want to be the girl with the long presentation about all her hobbies and such while others just give the basics. So that is something I really need to think and work about. I am also debating if I want to give a bit of my presentation as 'article' on this blog. Because it will have information that I have not shared online because. So if you think this personal article will be interesting do leave a comment. Also if you have any questions about things you want to know about me do ask. 


I wrote a big story about my health last time. This time I have very little news. I am waiting on the 2th next month to go to the hospital for a complete checkup. The thing I learned about all this and what I want to share is, if you think something is wrong. Never give up. I got send away so many times with 'Give it some time" and all in all a year has passed and nothing happens. Now I am just taking it all in my own hands and finally get to the bottom of this. So fingers crossed that everything will be okay

Upcoming articles

What is soon to come? I have some new things planned that still need editing and writing. I got approached by a store that sells extensions. I already received them and I am currently taking pictures, I am really excited for that article because I do not work a lot with different stores. Most things I write about are bought by me. I think it is amazing that people that my blog seriously enough to want to work together with me. It gives me different things to write about and more diversity. 

I also got some make-up reviews planned. I went crazy at the German drugstore. So enough to review and upcoming. 

So yeah, that is up currently!

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