You might have noticed if you look at my instagram, I adore cats! But that is beside the point, I wanted to show you these cute headbands that I found online and I will also mention where to get these for cheap! I know these headbands have been around for some time now but when browsing I suddenly saw the appeal of these wires! They are simple and cute but still unique enough for special occasions. I can say right off the bat that I already ordered a headband to wear on my birthday. With curls this would be perfect!

The above two pictures are my favorite. The headband looks dainty and cute. The make-up is not that extreme but very natural. It makes it all look very young and playful.  Just a bit of pink lipstick and a tad of blush.

Taylor swift also wore a similar headband in the music video for 22 that you can view here. But I have to admit I think the beautiful blogger The Cherry Blossom Girl wears it better. I love it paired with the updo and with the dark hair it really stands out!

So I said I found a cheap version above I listed a few links to eBay sellers selling these headbands. The headband comes in silver and gold. Both paired with gemstones or pearls. If you are not that bling orientated these headbands also come in a large variety in colors. I think people with black hair would rock the black version, it would look amazing!

So what do you think? 

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