June 2013

I decided to make a beauty wishlist because I really want a few things but as poor student I need to save up before spending. So I listed a few things I really want in my life, some things I am going to buy but there are also a few things that are going to be 'forever wish listed' because I can not afford it. So if you want to know where you can get these things, click on read more. I also listed why I want them and some additional information. Happy reading!

Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief my forehead has been really dry lately so I am debating on using this cream. I heard a lot of good things about it and I am sure it will do wonders for my dry skin.

Maybelline Baby lips These are said to moisturize for 8 hours what I really adore. Also the SPF20 makes it perfect for summer. I picked these three as my current wanted. From left to right we start with my favorite flavor peppermint then we have quenched what I picked purely on the colors of the package and then as last peach kiss because I think the color would look really nice on the lips. Perfect to leave all over the house I would say. Sadly enough not yet for sale in the Netherlands but I heard that Germany has them so I will be searching the stores soon.

Stay-Matte Sheer pressed powder this one I want for my bag, school bag to be exact. Now I am not a vain person, well maybe a small bit. To go to my new school I have to travel 60 minutes by bus and train so I have to wake up early to get ready. Knowing me I will have days that I say "screw make-up" and just go as I am. The powder would be perfect for those days to remove shine my face or hide pimples when I am waiting in the bus to get to my school. Also I read a lot of good things about this powder. But I am also debating on getting the SPF 20 version or double face. I really need to check this one out in the store.

Tony Moly  has to be the most perfect packaged make-up brand I have ever seen. I mean look at those cute lip glosses they are adorable and when I Google for swatches they give off a nice amount of color. On my wishlist are the second, fourth and last one also perhaps the yellow and orange one. These are only $5.72 what I think is dirty cheap

Paul & Joe is a dream brand, cute packages and cat shaped lipsticks and now also blush sticks. I adore this one in cat fight. I am not really a blush user because I already have big red cheeks and I just do not think blush cheeks suit me at the moment. But lets put aside the fact that I will never use is, how cute is this! Forever wish listed, not going to buy it sadly enough.

O.P.I Mariah Carey Nail Polish - Get your number lets just take a small moment to love this shade and polish. Now I have to admit I am not a fan of Mariah. please do not stop following me for this. But I say swatches for this polish and it is amazing, it reminds me of ice and gives me a 'sitting by the pool' feel. Perhaps I should say it reminds me of a blue cocktail with crushed ice and some glitter. This shade and 7 others are currently on sale at Asos  for 10 euro.

These Stilla Countless color pigments blog my mind. I really love two out of five shades on top we have Groupie, an earth tone one and then we have Lyric, a more pink and pastel color combination.

This Tony Moly Lipstick in Black Cat edition comes in 7 colors and the package is amazingly cute and great. I love cats as you gals might have noticed. This is completely on my wishlist because of the package but I have to admit that the colors are also very nice. Especially the salmon pink is going on my wishlist if I decide to order this.

What is current on your beauty wishlist?

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