Brazil Mango 

Every two weeks I visit DM a German drugstore that has a load of stuff that you can not get in the Netherlands and most things are cheaper in Germany. So while I was browsing their own brand Balea my eye fell on a refreshing body spray...


I got his one for €1.95 and it holds 200ML. It comes in a plastic bottle with a spray cap, because it is not made of glass it is rather lightweight and easy to take with you when traveling. As I said I got this in Germany but if I am correct they also have this in Austria. The smell is of coarse Mango as the package says. 


This is mostly a refreshing spay meaning that it will cool you down a bit. I think the effect is great and I keep spraying on warm days. I currently have the bottle next to my bed to give myself a little spray before going to sleep because it is so damn hot currently. I personally think this bottle is great and for my vacation I will be sure to pick up a full one because I can see myself using this a lot. 

The scent

The scent itself is not overpowering and I think that is a great plus for this product seeing I use it outside a lot. And we all know that sweet scents attract insects. It does have a faint sweet mango scent that lingers but nothing to powerful.

I am a fan and I really recommend this on hot days and vacations
What do you think?

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