Lets make a happy list!

It has been a while since I wrote a positive message of the week. Perhaps because I was in a negative slur myself or because I had a lot to write in my currently articles, I am not sure yet. But I was inspired to make and give an other positive message of the week. I am a person who adores making lists, I violate a lot of notebooks from front to end with lists of what I need to do and what I need to think off. So today I want to share my list with things that I am happy about at the moment, and I do hope you will enjoy reading it and if you feel inspired do leave your own list in the comments.


In the dutch bloggers realm there has been a tag going round called "How fake are you?" It is a playful tag that should not be taken that serious, even when everything applies to you it should not imply that you are fake. I decided to translate it and fill it for you all to enjoy. So lets see how fake I am? 

100 Green & 120 Plum

So a bit ago I mentioned I bought a load of make-up from Germany. So today a first review of one of those products. I decided to put these two kajal together seeing these are from the same brand and collection. So do read more to see swatches and more pictures!

All types of questions

I decided to make this article to collect some questions to put into an personal article. I know I share a lot with you all but I am sure some of you are wondering some things about me and want to ask me something. It can be anything from blogging to personal. I get a decent amount of email about my blog weekly so I know people want to know things, so why not make it into one big or small article! 

So ask away!

June 2013

I decided to make a beauty wishlist because I really want a few things but as poor student I need to save up before spending. So I listed a few things I really want in my life, some things I am going to buy but there are also a few things that are going to be 'forever wish listed' because I can not afford it. So if you want to know where you can get these things, click on read more. I also listed why I want them and some additional information. Happy reading!

Lets keep our heads cool and pretty

Lets talk snap-backs and unique hats. Me being pale skinned and white haired really has the need to wear a hat when I am going on long trips outside in the sun. But I have to admit that normal hats and snapbacks are not really my style. But to keep my head cool I decided to turn to lookbook, blogs and eBay to find some brilliant headgear. Also watch out, there are a lot of images and it has a high 'must buy' factor.

65-Pink Gold

Let me start with saying that this review is long overdue because I am using this one for a while now. Thank god I took pictures before using it so you all can see the product in a clean state, but it also helps because I know how this product works. So read more to get all the information and swatches from Color Tattoo 24HR by Maybelline New York. I already once wrote about one of these color tattoo's in green, you can click for that article here. but now lets take a look at Pink Gold

The theme, not a lot of light.

I decided to enter this picture that I took a while ago, I loved how it looked and I added some photoshop to make it special. I would love it if you all spared a vote here for my picture. I can win a camera so that means even better pictures and perhaps video's

What was up in June

I set my goal to do two Denna Diaries in June, but I still have not mastered snapping pictures at every aspect of life. So I only had enough pictures for only one part this June. Still I hope you will enjoy these pictures. I know people who follow my instagram will recognize some of these seeing I always have my phone with me to snap pictures. I am debating on getting a small digital camera just for these kind of articles. My big expensive camera is just to much to take with me everyday. But enough of an intro, lets go on to the pictures! And let me say, they are a lot.

How to get your daily intake of water.

I know a lot of people have trouble getting their daily intake of water, especially when it is hot you sweat and lose water. But also because you pee and breath you lose water this all is round 2.5 liters. You also get some water by eating but you still need to drink round 1.5 till 2 liters. Now if you have trouble drinking your daily dose of water read more for 5 tips to drink more water.

But yes I have bloglovin

A post that is currently going on a lot of blogs, Google Friends Connect is leaving us .Now I know a lot of people [71] are following my blog on GFC and I know Bloglovin might not be the first pick but I do want to point out to those that I have bloglovin where you can follow me for when GCF leaves. Because I would be sad to loose my lovely followers over this.

Follow on Bloglovin

So you can use the above button to follow my blog.

Also a small note. You might have noticed that some images have vanished because I have used to much bandwidth. This will reset in two days and then everything will be back.

Brazil Mango 

Every two weeks I visit DM a German drugstore that has a load of stuff that you can not get in the Netherlands and most things are cheaper in Germany. So while I was browsing their own brand Balea my eye fell on a refreshing body spray...

Statement earrings!

Yes again a jewelry orientated blog post but one I really wanted to share. I am a statement necklace girl or a nice big bracelet is also nice. But my collection was really lacking something, statement earrings. Since I won these amazing earrings  I have been interested in expending my earring collection to get some more big pieces. But not only big, also with some color. So read more for more pictures, pretty pictures if I do say so myself. And of coarse where to get these gems.


If there is one brand I adore it is House of Harlow,the jewelry line from Nicole Richie. I love the style of the jewelry and the fact that even if it is by a designer it does not make you poor. It has a bohemian inspired look and is very unique. I listed my favorite five pieces, do read more for prices and more.

What is up currently? Not much....

So life is currently eventful but not that interesting. I have some fun thing to mention and some things less interesting. So for a sneak peek into my life....



You might have noticed if you look at my instagram, I adore cats! But that is beside the point, I wanted to show you these cute headbands that I found online and I will also mention where to get these for cheap! I know these headbands have been around for some time now but when browsing I suddenly saw the appeal of these wires! They are simple and cute but still unique enough for special occasions. I can say right off the bat that I already ordered a headband to wear on my birthday. With curls this would be perfect!

Some amazing site called Fitness Blender

Nowadays it is easy to do a workout at home, I personally prefer it because I do not have to take a long car ride to a gym. I do not have to worry about other people and I can directly start when I feel like it. There are a lot of options to workout from DVD's to Games. Today I am going to show you a site that has free workout movies. So read more to see some of my favorite workout videos of Fitness Blender

New boots

It actually has been a while since I bought these new boots. But I wanted to snap some pictures and show them off. I have to admit 'thank god I do not have ambitions to be a leg model' because I have some weird poses up in here. I tried to get the shoes from more then one angle and I would love to hear what you think about these boots in the comments.

So recently the summer is starting and the weather is getting hot. I decided to open my virtual closet of make believe otherwise known as the internet. If I could wear anything today what would I be wearing? I went for a fun outfit with colors and unique pieces. Read more to see everything and ofcoarse where you can get it.

Geometrix Red mat lipcream

You might be thinking, Denna I have seen this before? Actually I wrote about an other color of this same collection but that was the light red version opposed to this version that is red. I accually first decided not to get both lip creams of this collection because they looked so similar in the store but in real life they are really different! So read more to see the differences and swatches

Unleash your beast

Today I have some gems for you all, I actually feel very southern when I say "you all" but that aside. I found an amazing bodysuit that I really needed to share with everybody. Also I found some other 'normal' pieces that you can wear daily. Like an amazing maxi skirt that comes in a rainbow of colors and an aztec vest that adds flair to a simple outfit. Also these cute dainty rings that I ordered myself. So do read more to see where you can buy these things.

Number 9

Today I wanted to try something new again, this is still a currently but more in story mode instead of separate pieces. I would love it if you left a comment with what you prefer, this way or the old way? So keep reading for what is up currently. I do have to put up a warning, it is long.

The follow-up

A while ago I posted this article about an amazing necklace that I found online. Currently the seller is asking a tad much but I am pretty sure that it will be cheaper soon seeing sellers on eBay tend to rise the prices when they have a low stock. The moment they get new stock the necklace gets to be cheaper again. So read more for more pictures.

New lay-out!

I actually planed to toss this new lay-out article online today and an other article but sadly enough it took far to long to get the layout ready. Somehow blogger had a glitch that wiped all my widgets away and making the header was hell for me. So many idea's but I did not want to clutter it up.

I wanted to ask you lovely readers, what do you think about the layout? I know it is very pink but somehow I felt like pink for this blog. I tried to sort my sidebar and make it less cluttered. But is there something missing or do you hate a widget, please tell me. 

So do leave a comment with some feedback!

Your blog!

Every month I make a spam your blog article for one reason, because I love how many bloggers read my blog and every time I find new blogs to follow. All blogs are welcome, so do leave me a link and perhaps write a bit what your blog is about? Do note that this is the only article you can spam your blog in the comments, normally you can include your link into the commentluv and website box but today you can write a whole comment with your link as many times as you want. Also I think it is fun if you would include an link to your own favorite article!  

So 3...2...1, SPAM AWAY! 

Welcome online shop

Let me start with the fact that I never went to a primark because they are all to far away. I adore the collections they have and the prices of the clothing. My life long dream is when I loose weight, that I can go wild at primark and buy everything I adore. Now to make things easy Asos is currently selling stuff from primark, the collection is rather small at the moment but I think this is a trail run and when things start selling they are also going to sell more. Now read more for my favorite pieces!

Amazing foils

Let me start with the fact that this is my first experience with nail foils, I think they are great but I still need some practice to apply them. I will include a video on how to apply them and also what happens when you are like me and do not follow instructions. So read more to see how I made these Holo Nails!

And necklace version

I know you must be thinking, rope bracelet and necklace. I instantly got a noose image in my head but when I went to search I found some amazing stylish bracelets and necklaces. I decided to combine inspiration with some links where you can get it for cheap. So read more to check it out

Hello June

Today a new article, I normally alternate between positive message and Currently. But seeing it is a new month I decided it is a good time to start a new article, new month new goals. I noticed that when I set goals for myself it is easier to achieve them. So I am going to share my goals for June with you all and I do hope you will also leave your goal or goals for this month in the comments!

Number one!

The first thing tag is something that has been rolling round the big bad internet for some time now. I decided that I wanted to have an other personal article on my blog. So I decided to answer this tag and hopefully you all have fun reading it.

Welcome to my blog

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