A sneak peek into who I am.

I know this tag has been floating round the web for some time now all inspired by this Tumblr. I had a load of fun finding a lot of pictures that fit with me. So read more if you want to know more about me and read a whole lot of text.

I am the kind of person no ones looks at twice
At times I really believe the above sentence even when appearance wise I stand out, I do fall into the crowd very easy. I do not believe it is a bad thing, it is just my own tought that might be correct or might not.

I'm a night owl
This is really a big "this is me!" I am the person who can stay up very late to do everything and nothing. Even when it is late I will be typing away on my computer and working on writing, editing for my blog. But also listening music is something that I really like to do at night and just sort my thoughts and what happened that day. In the night I also get more active then during the day, I rather workout at night and just run round the house, what my parents do not prefer.

I love to paint
Painting is something I adore to do, I used to love to draw and drew a lot of fashion related things. I also worked on drawing people. But I decided I wanted to try new things and started to paint, I fell in love with abstract painting, you can say it is an outlet. Just putting my mind on numb and turning on music is something I do a lot lately. I even illustrated a book some time ago, it was rather stressful because I was bound by themes but then again it was trilling to see my work put into something other then my room.

I get addicted easily
And with addicted I do not mean smoking, drinking or drugs. I get addicted to certain television shows,games and songs. A song that I just found I can put on repeat and play over and over till somebody at home complains that I should play other songs. The same with television shows, I found out some new show and loved the first episode most of the time results in me watching every episode that is out till I am up to date. And games, well lets just say that I need to finish games when I like them.

I am not sure what I want

Short one this one, with life love and living at times I am not sure what I want.

I love making lists
Lists, yes I have a load of lists! I write everything down and love to stripe down what I finished. I write down what I need to buy and what I need to do. I have 5 notebooks laying beside me on my desk ranging from blog to social to at home stuff.

I stand up for everyone but myself
This might be my biggest flaw, I do want to help and protect everybody and while I do that I push myself away at times. I can not stand bullying and try to take a stand to it and I must say it is the greatest thing I ever did but I never took a stand when I was bullied myself. It is a long and boring story but I have to say, I am working on standing up for myself.

I am so much more than who they say I am
Some people have an image of me that is so wrong. I know people where I am not myself, I am silent and sweet to them. Now I do not want to say I am a bitch to others but I can snap and my inner mean girl drops out and somehow they keep pushing me into the silent and sweet girl corner. I get so frustrated when they say "Denna is so sweet, she would never speak ill of others" and I just wonder if they knew. How would those people react to know who I really am. An outspoken blogger with a big option and somebody who loves to fall into debating and prefers to win an argument. Somebody who clearly shows that she dislikes somebody and somebody who is unique.

I have trouble putting a book down & Drawing is my escape
Again I can be very short about these two, I love reading thick books so I do not finish them in one day. Expecially books writting in English atract me. I recently finished the Pretty Little Liars books in a month or so. And again drawing is something I adore to do.

I am my own person
This is what I really believe, I wear what I want and I act how I want most of the times. I do not want to fit in  just because it is expected from me...

I love snuggling with my cat
People who have been following my blog know I have two cats. I have a thin black and white older lady called Bo and a big 'fat' kitten called Misty. I have to admit I only snuggle with Bo in the morning because the rest of the day she is rather cranky. She is most happy when I wake up and carry her round and let her go outside. Misty on the other hand is my snuggle buddy. She is the most sweet cat that loves being held and carried round like a baby on her back. We often go to my bed where we just lay and 'sleep'

I am bad with money
I would not say I am horrible with money but I do have to admit that I love spending money on nice things. I love surrounding myself with pretty things and I love the better things in life. Recently I bought myself a curling wand while I have an curling iron laying somewhere. My mom thinks it is a waste of money but I have 50 reason why the curling wand is so much better, but for her it is just wasting money.

I do not give up.
Hands down the perfect sentence for me. I do not back out of arguments and I do not want to fail in anything in life. Even when I am horrible at doing something I just keep trying till I succeed at it.

I adore presents
I am one of those people who most of the time say 'Yes' on the question "Is it a gift" Yes I am one of those people who buys gifts for herself. The moment I buy something expensive jewelry-wise I just need to lay it a day on the table as a present. Also I wrote this in an article before, I love giving gifts!

I wish I could sing
I can be short and clear about this, I can not and will never be able to sing in a way that people enjoy it. I loving singing together with the radio but I know it is horrible.

I am not stereotypical
Again a short explanation, I am not your typicality bleach blonde dutch girl. I do not want to do something because it is expected from me. There is a slight stigma about bleach blonde girls, with a lot of make-up and unique clothing and I prefer not to be something just because I look like it.

I am hilarious
People who really know me, know I am hilarious. A lot of people describe me that way and most of those times that are my 'best friends' I can make a joke out of anything and I have an overactive imagination paired that together I work myself in strange situations a lot. My life could be a book or a great comedic show.

I hate my birthday
My birthday is coming up in a few months and I am already dreading the day. I do not like being the center of attention for something that I did not achieve. It might sound silly but being born is nothing really special to me. I rather have a big party because I hit 500 followers [keep dreaming Denna] Also I get stressed easy over what I should wear for my birthday...

I love vintage cars
A life long dream of me, or should a say a dream since I got my licence is to own a vintage car. There is one car standing close by where I live at the car dealership that I have my eye on. It is a oldschool VW beetle and it is stunning and cheap. But my dad gave me a whole preach that it is a car for people who can fix it themselves if it breaks because it will break a lot. Sadly enough I am not that great with cars.

I talk in my sleep
My sister can vouch for that one, I talk a lot in my sleep. About what I have no idea since I almost never dream so I have no idea what I should be talking about.

I have changed a lot
I do not want to give a long paragraph about this one, I went from a bullied and broken girl who had a few friends to an open happy person who is herself. I am still in the process of changing and being the person I want to be, I do think it is something that you keep doing all your life.

I overreact
A lot, if there is a tiny spider in the house I can sick my dad on it and tell stories about the size of the beast. While in reality it is a tiny tiny little spider. To put it into words, I am a tad of a drama queen. Not proud about it, just honest.

I see beauty in everything
I perhaps try to see beauty in everything but not myself. I can see and say a positive thing about everybody and everything but do not ask what makes me special.

I remember the tiniest details
Remembering things like 'the bones in your body in Latin'  I do not remember but ask me where I got a certain ring I can tell you where and how much it costs. I can tell you the story about why I bought it and how that day was. I can remember where I got almost every piece in my wardrobe and I can tell you a lot of little facts that have very little meaning except that they are entertaining. I remember every little detail of the day where we got my kitten, from the cage size to the smell and the colors of the other cats that where there.

I have a gadget obsession
I admit I do not have an Iphone or an other expensive phone, that does not mean I am lusting for me. I love gadgets and if I can charge it I love it. Especially gaming stations are my favorite thing, I currently own a Nintendo DS lite and PlayStation portable as handhelds. Also a Wii with balance board, an Xbox 360 and PS2 are standing in my living room. Together with my MP3 player and Creative Zen tablet it makes my favorite gadgets. But I do have to admit next to those gaming stations I am currently saving up for a Nintendo 3DS, the obsession with games never end.

I do not believe it when they say it, you are beautiful
Again I do not see this as a bad thing, I do not think I am beautiful. I am normal nothing special but not ugly. When somebody tells me "You are so pretty!" My mind directly switches to "They are just trying to be nice" I do not believe that people can find me pretty let alone beautiful, I think it is also a big part of self acceptance  Something I am working on.  

I can be very unfriendly
There are very little people that I really really dislike, I can tell you stories about people who crossed me and where I still am nice to. I mentioned that I was bullied and when I see those bullies I am nice to them, why? because they where stupid back then and I do hope they changed. Then you might wonder to who I am unfriendly. I will not mention names because that is below me. I am talking about a women who tried to get her diploma over my back and let me and my group do everything in our project. I am talking about a women who treated my mother like she was crap and then turn to me like I am gods gift to the people. No way that I am nice to those people. And lets not forget the people at the camping that complained about us because they did not want 'dutch' people next to them. They bitched about my mom and dad but when I strolled down in my shorts and tank top to get washed up they where the nicest people to me, those people just get the 'bitch look'

When I like something, I get obsessed
I actually wrote about this before but somehow I added the same sentence in this collage.

I love Marilyn Monroe.

No words, just the truth. I think she is stunning and I really adore her.

So I do hope you liked this tag, if you decided to make your own 'and that is who I am' I would love it if you liked it in the comments.

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