On a blue Monday I experimented with nail art stamps but it was never a success. But when KKCenterHK asked me if I wanted to review one of their stamping plates I decided to give it a shot. I opted for a Chinese character plate and well lets see what I think...


Shipping and such.

I am really happy with the way KKCenterHK handles shipping and packages their items. Everything arrived neatly on my doorstep in a padded envelope and the plate and stamp set where packed into a nice little blue bag keeping them safe from scratches. Also the stamping plate had a little plastic layer over it, so I received it completely scratch free. All in all I am very happy with the way everything is handled by this site, it does take some time to arrive from HK to Holland but that is expected.


The plate

The only thing that I read a lot on sites is that it is important that the plate has grooves that are deep enough to hold polish when you go over it. These plates are perfect in that way to me because the images transfers perfectly and with one smooth sweep you can get the excess polish off. As you can see I picked this plate with Chinese characters but there are many more plates here including extra large plates and full nail plates. The big plates are actually decent priced for only 15 dollar. The one I have is priced at $5.05 what I think is very decent for something you can use over and over. The stamp and scraper are here they are both doing their job so no criticism on this item. For $4.50 you can get this set.  I think it is a great thing to also give as a gift for kids and older women alike, their are so many plates that there is something for everybody. Let me put it this way I would not mind getting one of those big plates for my birthday especially this one is stunning.


So as you can see I tested this on paper and it does take some trail and error to transfer it completely and good. As I tested it I pressed to hard so I made some splotches. But after trying it a few times, you will get the hang of it.


I decided to use a Catrice polish as a base and I picked the old limited edition called big city life Shanghai where you can see old swatches of here it is a beautiful gold color that gives of a royal vibe. I decided to only stamp one nail as a nice accent. I also used a P2 polish for stamping, I picked 210 eternal what is a pure black shade


The final words

As I was stamping my nails I noticed how easy it was to give the same design on the left and right hand. Normally I would make amazing nail-art on one hand but half-ass it on the other because I would be far more shaky with that one. Now it takes a few seconds to stamp a design on a nail. Also the plate itself is very easy to clean, just a drop of nail polish remover and a tissue cleans the plate completely. Same goes for the stamp and scraper. I prefer to lay a tissue on the plate when I am stamping and then clean everything with the same tissue. I can see a lot of posibilities with this plate and stamping in general.


So I really advice this plate with Chinese characters because it works for a lot of people. Classy with gold and black but I can also see this on nude nails with neon polishes. 

So what do you think?


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