What would I be wearing today?

I was browsing round Nelly and found the most cute Maxi-Dress and I decided to make a full outfit with it. What would I be wearing with this? So read more to see where I got every piece for this outfit inspired by boho and neon.

Lets start with the maxi dress that inspired this outfit. It is the Maj Milan Dress by Nelly. This dress is €69 and is 100% cotton. I love how this dress has small sleeves and I think the stripes would look flattering on many people. Also this seems a dress that you can dress up and down. I can see this being worn at a party but also on the beach at a colder day.

Next to the dress we have a necklace that is so statement it needs it's own statement. This necklace by pieces is called the Inez and it is a mix of pyramid studs, dangle spikes and silver with some black. I personally think it is reather budget for a statement necklace, this one is €26.95

Below that we have an other item by Nelly. This rope bracelet hits all the marks with me. It is bright and neon and would look great next to a watch. The ropes are topped with a gold cap and in the center is a gold disk with peace, hope and harmony. I think it is really cute.

Then we have an other neon pink bracelet. This one is by Marc Jacob I have to admit this bracelet has been on my wishlist for a while now, in pink blue and many other colors. Currently Ssence has it on sale for $22

I decided to pair this all with a pair of simple but unique earrings. These lovely flower earrings are from eBay and cost only $1.65

And last we have an other sale item, something that I really love. These Steve Madden studded pattern flats look great with many outfits. It is unique but still a pair of simple flats. Currently they are on sale from €40.94 for €27.43


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