Mermaid edition

Today I have a I would be wearing in a mermaid edition. I know you might be thinking "What is she blabbering about" I decided to make collages of clothing and accessories that are mermaid inspired. From cute T-shirts to leggings but also from hairstyles to jewelry. A few pearls and some bling scales are just what I need for summer.

Mermaid T-Shirts

This blogpost started with a Shirt from the H&M, I loved the text and I decided to find many more 'mermaid inspired' clothing and accessoriesthat I can wear for summer. The H&M Shirt you can see upper left has a special place in my heart because it combines a lot of my favorite things, the longer back and shorter front, the bright pink and yes, mermaids and for €9.95 it is a steal. The shirt next to it is a male shirt but I can also see girls wearing this oversized and perhaps with the sleeves cut of. This Zazzle T-shirt is only €17 and comes in 18 colors. Next we have an other big shirt with text, this one is from Skreened and costs $32.99 what I think is a tad expensive. And last but not least we have this wildfox shirt that is sadly sold out. I have to admit that this one was my favorite, the light blue with the peachy pink is lovely. 
But everything that I showed you can also be DIY'ed. It are easy letterings or prints that can be put on any shirt or tanktop with some transfer paper.

Black milk

If you search tumblr for Mermaid you will find a lot of pictures of Black Milk Leggings, I love these classic legging and think they look stunning. They also have a bodysuit that is on my wishlist although I have to admit I am waiting till they make a swimsuit with the print, I will be tossing myself at it in seconds.

The perfect hair

When I think mermaids and hair I think curls. Nice cascading curls and beautiful locks. I picked two very similar hairstyles but both have something special that I adore. Let me first start with what they both have and that is the fact that the curls look great, I tried many curling irons in my life but never could get the perfect curl. Atleast not like those pictures, but that was till yesterday. I got myself a curling wand by Remington and I fell in love! It creates those perfect curls and they stay for a while, I am planing to post a review of my new curling wand if people are interested. Now about what the two pictures have different, the left one has a stunning shade of purple hair where I can recommend La Riche hairdye for in Lilac but ofcoarse there are many more shades. The one of the right has a great hair bow that you can not miss. Below I collaged and linked some pretty bows but you can also DIY it. I prefer this tutorial by stripes and sequins

[1]  [2]   [3]   [4]

But beside ribbons there are also other 'mermaid' inspired hair decorations that are lovely for summer. Like a nice Flower in your hair, the version linked is only $0.99 and comes in a lot of colors. But also a stunning headband with flowers and gems  would look great and is not hard to put into your hair. But on warmer days I prefer a Bun on my head and the best way to make it is with a hair donut. Again this is easy and quick. And last but not least we have Flowers for in your braid I love how playful it looks. 

Lets 'fish' some sale items

Above I have two sale items from the Asos site. First is the most cute bikini bottom I have found. the bikini pants are ruffled and have a nice mermaid print that is not childish but cute enough to notice. It is nicely priced down from €21.00 to €10.50. I can see this being paired with a nice dark blue top or even a white ruffled top.  The sale item below is a Lashes of London Tshirt that has mermaid sequins in a pretty shade of green/purple. The sleeves and back are made of mesh that gives a very sexy look without being to slutty. From the big price of €59.00 it is currently marked down to a decent €35.45

Some underwater bling

When I think mermaid inspired jewelry my mind directly goes to pearls but pearls can look old so I decided to pick some pieces that have pearls but look young. First I have these Talullah-tu pearl earrings, the cluster of pearls go down in a semi geometric shape. Next to the earrings we have a necklace by Orelia that have pearls and metal leafs hanging on a metal chain. In the middle we have a nice big stone that makes it all a bit more tough opposed to classic. You can never go wrong with leather and pearls it looks classy yet rock. The thing that attracted me to to these cuffs is the fact that the pearls that are being used are all different sizes that plays it up and the fact that I can see this being worn on an arm party with a few bangles a nice watch and some thing bracelets. The last one of this collage is a cuff bracelet by Asos and it is really classic. It has a lot of pearls clustered together to make a beautiful cuff bracelet.

I saved the best for last. these John Pearl Lola earrings hit the mark on stunning. The are bright and stunning. The add a bright pop of color and will fit many outfit, yet it sadly enough has a hefty pricetag. These earrings set you back €129.99 what is rather much for brass and Polyester. Still I wanted to show you this earcandy. 

So what is your favorite piece?

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