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I am currently working out with two 'routines' or should I say with one routine and one game. I am currently working out with Zumba Fitness core, a game on the Wii that focuses on the core as the title might imply. It really works all muscles of your belly but it also gets your heart rate up so you burn fat. Then yesterday I started with a beach body workout called Les Mills Combat, a fight based workout with a few DVD's and a schedule you can follow. 

Zumba Fitness core

This is something I do a lot, I use my wii and shake my ass in the living room. I decided to get the core version because my goal is to burn belly fat and more important get a shape. At the moment I have to depend on clothing to give me a waist because I have none. With fitness core I feel my belly area and not just one part but I feel it everywhere. I always say, when I feel it. I am pretty sure it is working. But Zumba is far more then just working on your belly, of coarse moving round burns fat there is no moment in the Zumba routine where you are standing in one spot. You go from left to right and to the front and back, you shake every part of your body from butt to boobs.  And the last part sadly enough happens when I am working out at home and somebody walks passed my window, the benefit at having a big store window and no real curtains. So if you ever see somebody move trough a see trough curtain, that might be me working out.

As I said you move a lot and you do work up a sweat and that is something that programs like 30 day shred did not do for me. Do not get me wrong, 30DS is a great workout program but it is not for me. I talked about shaking everything and you really do, you shimmy round the room and work on your legs. You move up and down, jumping and kicking what does wonders for your upper legs and butt. While I might look like a bird flailing my arms I do use them a lot in workouts. Every part is worked on if you want it to, ofcoarse there is nobody telling you 'do this' you just follow a person on the screen but if you are motivated you can burn a lot. My daily burn lies round 600kcal for a long lesson. And the thing that I did not mention before but  what is great about Zumba, it does not feel like working out. You might feel silly but it gives a great smile to your face while dancing your butt off.

The best impression of Zumba fitness core is on youtube, I expecially like these videos and songs

Les Mills Combat

This is a beach body workout, it has a schedule that you can follow to get the best results. It is fight bases and it makes you do a lot of kicking and punching. I do think the idea is very empowering. It also says to give some pretty damn good results. But ofcoarse I still need to find that out myself.

Now I have very little to say about this one because I just started doing it yesterday. But I did wanted to include this as a first impression because I learned a lot by doing a first workout. I set up everything in my room and created a big space because I had no idea how much space I needed. I filled two bottles of water and started the workout.

The first thing I also need to mention is that I did not do the introduction, I found that dvd after I finished the first lesson. But the lesson was easy enough to follow without an introduction, I am debating to go for it tomorrow and check the introduction to see if I can get pointers on form and such. The trainers that you need to follow are great, they sing with music from time to time and joke around. Even when you have your 'workout face' on that is similar to the coaches below, you can not help to crack a smile from time to time.

I followed the first DVD that was called combat 30, it where 30 minutes of kicking, jumping, uppercuts and jabs. It was amazing! I do get impressed very easy, if I think it is fun it also counts as a great workout for me. The workout was intense, not as intense as Insanity a workout program that is currently rising to become a hit where I live. But it left me drenched in sweat faster then Zumba did. After the workout I did not feel any pains of had any sores and somehow I could not wait for the next day. I had minor pains the next day, I could feel my shoulder muscles and my upper arms but not the way that I was dying. It was just a signal that I used muscle groups that I normally not use.
The thing that I find important to mention is that you need some space for this workout, I am 1.75 with long arms and legs. And there where occasions where I almost did a flying kick to the television. But all in all it is a great program that I am going to follow, and I will keep you updated how it works and what the results are.
And there are also youtube video's that give a great impression of Les Mills Combat

What is your current workout?

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