Ice cream!

When I look outside I see rain and drab weather but officially we must have warm weather. I am still hoping it will be warmer soon so I can get some ice cream! But not just any ice cream but healthy DIY ice cream. Made the healthy way and without much calories and fats. And best off all, its ice cream that is very easy to make.

What is it that makes ice cream unhealthy?

Ice cream is made by churning and chilling a mixture containing high-fat milk or cream, fructose- or glucose-based sweeteners, usually in the form of corn syrup, and flavorings such as vanilla or chocolate. Ice cream is a high-fat food, since it must contain greater than 10 percent milk fat to be designated ice cream, with some products having as much as 16 percent, according to the University of Guelph. Milk fat is largely cholesterol, a saturated fat. When your blood cholesterol level is too high, it can build up as plaque, a fatty deposit in your arteries that interferes with blood flow and raises your risk of heart disease and stroke. Ice cream is also high in sugar, which makes up the majority of its carbohydrate content. [source]

Of coarse this is not set in stone for every ice cream that is out there so checking labels before buying is a plus. Also when you are on vacation walking and feeling the need for ice cream, do not let the above text stop you, because indulging once is not a bad thing. But eating every night a tub of Ben & Jerry ice cream is not a great idea and for those at home ice cream cravings I have some inspiration!

Ice Cream my way

As you can see in the above picture I made a selection of different ice cream popsicles. Let me start with what I used as base, I bought myself an ice cream maker so I would not have to re-buy a lot of wood stick and cups. These lovely things can be cleaned and used over and over again. As you can see I bought the 6 piece version but there are also options for a 2 piece maker3 piece maker and a 4 piece maker. It all depends on how big your fridge is and how many you want to make at the same time. If you rather not buy online you can check out Ikea I actually really love the pink and yellow version of this one. Or you can go old school with plastic cups and sticks/spoons.

As I said before I made a load of different ice cream pops. I used a syrup and water for the two red ones, I also added some sliced strawberries for a special effect. You can make these as strong as you want, I prefer a load of flavor so I added a lot or syrup to the mix. The white ones are inspired by frozen yogurt with fruits. I just added a layer of yogurt followed by some fruit and then again yogurt  I layered it this way so I would have fruit all over the ice cream and not just at the base. I used blackberries and strawberries. You can add whatever fruit you want for a healthy protein based snack. These lollies popped right out of the mold and where very tasty.


As you can see, I used a lot of ice cream pictures all over this article. These are all things that you can make yourself. Most are fruit based and are very easy to make. You just mash some fruit to a pulp and add some fruit juice of your choice to it. You can use one kind of fruit or all different kinds. They are easy to make and cost very little money. And best off all you always have a healthy snack at home to cool you down!

Did you ever make ice cream, what is your favorite flavor?
Everybody who is going to make these, do leave me a comment with what you are going to make it!

Note: All the images in the collage come from Tumblr and sadly enough have no original source.

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