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Today I found something amazing, cute printed shirts for only a few dollars including shipping. At the cost of a sandwich you can order a cute printed tee. I have to admit this is cheaper then doing it yourself with transfer paper and there are a lot of designs. I picked my favorites and put them into pictures but in total there are 69 designs to pick from. So read more to see many cute designs.

The cheapest seller

This seller has 14 shirts for sale with my favorite six listed above. All these shirts are $3.99 and all are with a white background. As you see there are a lot of different prints. I adore the pickle with 'I'm kind of a big dill' what I think is adorable, but my all time favorite has to be the sushi one. First off I love to eat sushi and second the art is really cute. I can see these shirts being worn under a blazer with nice dark skinny jeans. But also with shorts for a summer look. So this listing has 14 different styles. 

The biggest seller

While the one before was the cheapest seller, this one is the biggest seller. 55 different shirts in white but also in color. At this listing, you can view all of them. These are $4.99 a piece and still very cheap. Above has my favorite of the whole listing with the cat and 'bitch please, I'm fabulous' I am really debating on getting that one for myself. The others are really simple, the english guard print is brilliant made and the other boy and chanel logo are knockoffs. 

The drink, drank, drunk one is a cute gift to give to a friend who recently came of age and is allowed to drink. I love the skate one on the blue shirt, it also comes in orange. I think it would be great for working out, I can see myself skating with that shirt on. The lower three are more 'cool' with a car, beer and cola. I think it is a nice take on the ever so popular Jack Daniƫls shirts.

The six shirts above are not my favorites. I do think they are sort of nice, but not mindblowing. The bird one is my favorite of these six because I admit I am a fan of shirts with a name and a letter.

Design wise the above shirts are great, the new balance shoes are nicely drawn and the first one with the apes is really cute without being childish. I actually own a tank top with the exact same print as the cat.

The above collage holds my favorites, I would wear each of these shirts. The army one would look really nice with a leather jacket or a army green jacket. The university of Italia shirt would be really nice with some shorts. I think the 'think green' one is made really nicely and also gives out a great message. The printed blocked one I would wear with almost anything in my closet and the FM and C one would be amazing with a colorful short. 

If you are like me and adores numbers on shirts these are great options. But I have to point out my favorite that does not have a number. The Rubik life one is really unique and well made. 

I know I am repeating myself but I also really like these shirts, the bright yellow one is cute with the car and the white one with the round print and the bad boys one would be great under a leather jacket. 

What do you think of these 'cheap' shirts, I could see myself rock a lot of these on vacation but also to school on a hot day.
Till next time, 

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