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In my #Currently I mentioned that I was searching for statement earrings. I found a lot and decided to share these with you guys because I am pretty sure there are girls like me out there that also want statement earrings. I decided to get 2 of these earrings and a review will follow when I get these delivered to my doorstep. But for now I want to show the eBay pictures and links of coarse. And remember to leave a comment with your favorite pair! Also if you are on a no buy, I would advice skipping this post because it has a high 'must buy' level.

Lets start from left to right from top to bottom, the first pair really hits all marks of statement by color and size. This one has a lot of clear and black stones but in the center is a bright pop of green. They have an unique shape and look big enough to stand out. These are $4.28

This pair of earrings is really Boho, it might not be your typical bright earrings but these round earrings are unique thanks to the coral stones that are set in the gold disk. I can see this being worn with an up-do and some beachy waves. These are only $1.99

These bright earrings really hit the statement mark. They feature some neon and some whites paired with a black setting these earrings really pop. For $3.99 you can get a really unique pair of earrings.

I went back and forth on these candy colored statement earrings. They look really cute and I have to admit for $3.69 they are a steal. Here in Holland you pay at-least double for a pair of those. They feature a lot of color without being 'OMG Look at me!' they have a lovely shade of orange, a pastel blue, a stone that looks like an amethyst, a minty stone and a red one. I have to admit I tossed this one in my virtual shopping bag after typing this....

These earrings might not be statement because they are big dangle and bright but these spiked earrings unique and fun. They come in three colors and I featured two, I showed off the gold version with white stones that I bought myself, but I also like the black version with gold stones. But there is also a silver version. These are dirty cheap at $1.99 a pair.

Next collage we have the first row set by these three statement earrings. They have colors for everybody, they can be bought in white for a perfect innocent look, fire red for a smoking hot outfit and a mix of pink, orange, blue and red for a fun night out. These earrings are only $2.23 a pair and I had to retain myself from buying all three.

The next row we start with these tassel earrings with a very Aztec design. The listing mentions them as retro but I must say these are more modern in my eyes. These are currently on sale for $3.59

These resin earrings in pink are shocking and great. These are smaller then I would normally go for when buying statement earrings but I am pretty sure if these where bigger they would be to 'obnoxious' I wanted to buy these but decided against it because bright pink paired with my white hair would be a bit to Barbie. But these are cute for $3.99

Next up with have these bee earrings, these might be the first bugs that do not bug me out. I love how they paired a gemstone with a spike and added a playful bee in the center of those. I think this is a pair of earrings that you will love from a distance and when you get up close you will be shocked that it has a bee on it. These are $3.99 and also comes with a blue stone.

Starting this collage with some pretty mint earrings I have to admit I am still not over this color. These are an amazing shade and color, but sadly enough these are also a bit expensive for eBay earrings. Currently you can get these for $7.99 what I personally hate a lot.

I mentioned I found a pair of pink resin earrings, these also come in more colors like the orange I featured but also in marker yellow while I deemed the pink ones unwearable for me I think I would rock these orange and yellow earrings. And while I was searching I also hit Green and the less statement Beige. I am pretty sure I want one of these earrings but I am not sure on the color, what do you think?

Less statement in color but more in size and shape we have these Floral earrings that are a cluster of pretty. I can see this being worn with a pretty sundress or a white angelic outfit. These are $4.99 and come in silver and gold.

So that was my big eBay statement earring post. What pair is your favorite?

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