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Currently I am loving the idea of big bright earrings, while for some time now I had my eye on a bright statement necklaces I can currently leaning toward statement earrings. I think especially if the warm weather comes it would be great with an up-do and sunglasses. It directly dresses up without really needing to dress up.

I am really needing to clean my mirror, look at those awful 'make-up' marks on my mirror. So I need to get my butt into gear and get myself a clean and pretty mirror again.

Grateful I am because yesterday I hit almost 500 page views. For me that is a great number for a day and it does not happen a lot. So everybody who visited yesterday, thank you!

I am lusting for everything dream catcher related. I saw a nice Mi Moneda coin with a dream catcher so that is currently on my wishlist but I also found at Zalando a stunning shirt with a dream catcher on it. Also for a few months now I have been on the lookout for a large dream catcher in pink or white to replace the really small purple dream catcher next to my bed. Are there more people interested in dream catchers? If so leave a comment and I will make a wishlist post full of dream catcher related gear for jewelry to cloths.

Currently I am working on getting the hang of my remington pearl wand. People who follow me on Instagram [DennaMichelle] might have noticed I take a lot of pictures of myself when I curl my hair, I love myself with curls and I think it suits me more. Till recently I had a horrible curlingiron that snagged my hair and left me with curls that lasted a few hours. My current pearl wand leaves me with curls for atleast 3 days. I am still taking a load of pictures and trying to write an article about it.

I am demotivated by the weather, I am pretty sure I write a lot 'I want summer" in my articles and sadly enough the weather where I live is mucky, cold and rainy. Not really what I want.

Do tell me, what is currently up with you? I love to read what my readers are doing. I am nosy like that.

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