So today a short currently because I am doing things for mothers day  I will not be online that much so I want to start with wishing every mom a nice mothers day and I want wish everybody who is missing their mom a lot of strength. So read more for my currently.

I am noticing that I use a lot of so in sentences when I am blogging, I am trying to work on it so I can make my sentences be more appealing to read. Grammar and Spelling will be something I always struggle with, in Dutch English and German. I am not a good writer but I am working hard to improve. Are you reading an article and you think "Damn girl, you make that mistake over and over." Do leave a comment with it so I can learn from it. I am by no means a professional blogger but I do want to write good articles for you all to read.

Currently being featured is my blog on the site Bloggers I am in the sidebar on the right, the third person is me of coarse  I am not sure how long this will be up but it was a great moment for me when I found out last night. I also want to thank my new followers, thanks to the feature I noticed a peak in my page views and I do hope you all love to read my blog!

What am I doing? It is a load but I am working on a lot of things to prepare for my new study and of coarse for my vacation. I will be leaving in July for 3 weeks to Austria. It is a lovely place and I adore setting my tent up and having a nice vacation. I am already making lists on what to pack and what to buy for my vacation. But I am also looking into ways to get articles online when I am away. On vacation I will have little time to blog but I can write in advance, so I slowly starting to prepare and plan for that so I can have daily a new article for you all to read.

I am loving loafers at the moment, I have no idea why because flat footwear is normally bought because of comfort not love for design. But spiked loafers make my heart beat faster so I need to track down a pair for me. I did find a pair of leather loafers with spikes but they where over 200 euros, so I let that dream go. I did find a pair of budget loafers as H&M but that is still a debate I need to have with myself because I really wanted a leather pair.

Envy is an emotion I feel when I check out Denise her blog putting aside the fact that she is a lovely person, she also rocks pastels like no other. Her latest outfit  is something I wished I could wear but sadly enough it does not suit me.

And last but not least. Happiness is an emotion that I am feeling at the moment. Life is picking up for me but more important I made others happy. My mom does a lot for me and I worked very hard to make her believe that I would do nothing for mothers day and when me and my sister surprised her and my Grannie they where so surprised and moved that it made me really happy. It are those little things that make me happy.

So tell me, what is up with you currently?

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