Rewarding yourself and others

Today we are not talking about things I got from eBay, even when most images are things I got from eBay. But todays topic is self-acceptance. It is one of the hardest things and I wrote a bit about it some time ago. It is so easy to hate yourself compared to loving yourself and even your flaws. Because nobody is perfect the Photoshop world just tries to make us think we must be. So today I want to write a bit about rewarding yourself for being you and giving others gift just because they are important to you. It might seem silly but it can really improve your mood and the mood of others. So my life story and the positive message of this week.

Rewarding the little things in life.

At times we get rewarded for the things we are and not what we achieve, lets think about birthdays and anniversaries. Or we reward our self when we achieve something big like getting your drivers licence or getting a diploma. But we often forget that also the little things that we do in life are worth a pat on the back. We often linger for the words "Great work" from others but do not give yourself those words. It might sound vain or silly but I think it is a good thing to be your own biggest fan. 
So instead of saying "Fuck, I hate my life...I this thing about me" try listing what you are proud of. What is the last little thing that you achieved? 

Looking at myself I rewarded myself with a few little packages just to keep the good mood flowing and to reward myself. In the above pictures you can see a few things. I bought myself an ice lolly maker because I am doing a great job at eating healthy. I think this is the first time in my life that I am really happy with eating enough. So I bought myself the ice lolly maker so I can make myself healthy snacks.

You can also see some jewelry. I got that for myself when I was feeling down because I worked hard on something but it was not working. I gave everything and I got no results. And those things can be depressing and I was sort of down. But then I decided, you know I tried and even when I got nothing for my hard work I proved that I could do that, so I bought myself some bling. Because I love big, flashy and often tacky jewelry. 

Those nail wheels I bought myself after sorting trough my nail polish stash and cleaning out all my my skincare and hair care products. This is the most normal thing to do and I know everybody cleans those things and organised everything. But I let everything slump and turn unorganized. So I did get everything organized and to make me label and organize my polishes I got myself those wheels so I can keep order. And motivate myself to never it turn to the mess it was before.

Rewarding others

Getting gifts is great, I remember most 'random' gifts I have gotten. Walking with my families in Italy and seeing that great bracelet at a stand is still imprinted in my head. And slipping and falling on my butt at a market and getting hosed up by my dad while the guy at the stall offered me a free hair clip because I hurt myself. And the time when I complemented a classmates pen case and the next day she got me the same one so we could have matching pen cases. Those are the things I remember. Not because I got an expensive gift but because I got something 'just because' just because they wanted to make me happy.'

And that is an important part of my life now, making others happy the way they made me happy. Those little things made me happy so I try to do the same to others that offer me their kindness. Lately I bought a few things, some butterfly earrings for my mom that I am giving her on my birthday. Just as a little thank you for being my sweet mom. And I also got a wide bracelet with an turquoise for my granny because she spoils me rotten even when I tell her not to. Those things cost very little money yet I am sure they will love them. Just something small that will take them by surprise is often more important then the gift itself. Even making something can often put a smile on somebodies face.

So do you reward yourself or others, and perhaps both?
Do tell me more,

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