Whip your hair...

This Fit Friday I am going to give you all some great suggestions on how to wear your hair while working out. I know there are some people who just workout with there hair loose but I prefer to get it out of the way but in a cute way. So read more for some inspiration.

This MAY be my favorite things.

Next to diamonds, shiny things and money I wanted to show you gals my current favorite things. A few items that I am currently using or wearing a lot. Many things are budget and there are a few more expensive things in the pictures. I went trough my jewelry and daily products stash. I decided against tossing in make-up and I might make a different post of that one.

What would I be wearing today?

I was browsing round Nelly and found the most cute Maxi-Dress and I decided to make a full outfit with it. What would I be wearing with this? So read more to see where I got every piece for this outfit inspired by boho and neon.

The best curling wand I ever had.

People who follow me on instagram might have noticed I have a new toy, a curling wand! I did hear a lot of positive messages of curling wands but never tried one myself. Me and my curling iron used to be joined at the hip but because I snagged my hair on the little thing that needs to hold my hair while rolling. So I decided to check out this wand because it does not have something that needs to hold my hair.

Let your ears make a statement

In my #Currently I mentioned that I was searching for statement earrings. I found a lot and decided to share these with you guys because I am pretty sure there are girls like me out there that also want statement earrings. I decided to get 2 of these earrings and a review will follow when I get these delivered to my doorstep. But for now I want to show the eBay pictures and links of coarse. And remember to leave a comment with your favorite pair! Also if you are on a no buy, I would advice skipping this post because it has a high 'must buy' level.

Today a new short currently

So read more to see what is up with me!

Time for a change

Today the sun is coming out and I directly want to change from my drab gray nail
polish to a color more suited for the weather. I want to change the color on my lips and play with my make-up. I decided to search on tumblr for some nice inspiration for make-up and nails. Read more for all my collages and some beautyfull pictures

Update on my work-outs

I am currently working out with two 'routines' or should I say with one routine and one game. I am currently working out with Zumba Fitness core, a game on the Wii that focuses on the core as the title might imply. It really works all muscles of your belly but it also gets your heart rate up so you burn fat. Then yesterday I started with a beach body workout called Les Mills Combat, a fight based workout with a few DVD's and a schedule you can follow. 
Statement earrings in blue

Thank you BonBien

A few days ago I was going trough my daily bloglist and I saw that the winner of BonBien her site was online. I normally do not jump at articles where you can win something because I am the most unlucky person that ever walked the earth. But I had to join when I saw the earrings she was giving away and somehow my luck decided to turn and I won these amazing earrings that landed a few days later on my doorstep with a really sweet card! Read more for some pictures?

Mission Flower

I have to admit that I was not blown away by Guerilla Gardening when I saw the display itself. The display was really cute with little balconies and a mini garden look but the colors and products seemed very basic. I did decided to take one thing with me, the lip cream in pink. This one also comes in red but I recently bough similar products in a similar shade. With the eye on the summer I decided that the pink would get some use by me.

Only $3.39 & $4.99

Today I found something amazing, cute printed shirts for only a few dollars including shipping. At the cost of a sandwich you can order a cute printed tee. I have to admit this is cheaper then doing it yourself with transfer paper and there are a lot of designs. I picked my favorites and put them into pictures but in total there are 69 designs to pick from. So read more to see many cute designs.

The reason why I am still not over sand style.

I wrote about P2 sandstyle polishes before, I showed two other colors before and I am still trying to get my grubby hands on the other colors of the collection. Sadly enough they are most of the times sold out in the drug store that I visit frequently. Still I got my hands on this amazing red shade, I admit it is not for everybody. My mom commented that my nails reminded her of the nails of an old lady, and my granny who is an old lady looked with disaprovement at my nails. But I have to say, I adore these sandstyle polishes. So read more for more swatches and a family picture of all three sandpolishes that are in my collection.

Today try to love yourself.

For girls and boys alike it is so hard to love yourself. I found this image that has 10 things you can do to love yourself. So if you are like me try to pick a few things that you are going to try this week. Also I would love it if you mentioned what you are going to do this week in the comments. I am going to do a few myself especially number 4,5 and 7. The time I spend hating my own body I could put into fun things and the more negative I get about myself the worse I feel.
So are you going to join me?

A sneak peek into who I am.

I know this tag has been floating round the web for some time now all inspired by this Tumblr. I had a load of fun finding a lot of pictures that fit with me. So read more if you want to know more about me and read a whole lot of text.

Ice cream!

When I look outside I see rain and drab weather but officially we must have warm weather. I am still hoping it will be warmer soon so I can get some ice cream! But not just any ice cream but healthy DIY ice cream. Made the healthy way and without much calories and fats. And best off all, its ice cream that is very easy to make.

Let me show you my nebula

I know I wrote about this subject before in this article but since I bought two Galaxy Leggings I decided to write an article that has some own pictures and a review. I actually bought three but one is still somewhere lost in the mail. I am really happy with these leggings but I have to admit the pictures turned out a tad silly.

Loving turquoise

Turquoise will always be a stone I link to summer, I love turquoise accents ever since I layed my eyes on a ring that featured this stone. I think it suits many outfits and the color is one of my favorites. I will show you the bracelet that I bought but also a load of bracelets that might be more your taste also featuring this stone.

Candy Bar

These lovely lipglosses by essence come in six colors but I decided to only take Candy Bar with me because the color stood out to me. I actually went to for the Matt lip glosses but the package was the same and I just snatched this one. These where round €2 if I am correct and read more for a review and swatches.

With my birthday coming up in two months, aka July. I always get orientated by making wishlists that have cheaper things and more expensive things. My sister for example always has no clue what to get me so I just show her my wishlist and let her pick what she likes for me. I am actually not that demanding 'gift' wise, I think the idea behind the gift is more important. But yes, I strolled the internet to make myself a wishlist with some lovely jewelry and bags. Read more to see what is from where and why I like it.

So today a short currently because I am doing things for mothers day  I will not be online that much so I want to start with wishing every mom a nice mothers day and I want wish everybody who is missing their mom a lot of strength. So read more for my currently.

01 Kissing Me Softly

April and May is time for Floral Grunge for Essence. They say it is time for soft pastel colors paired with grungy textures. I have to admit I am not blown away by the collection seeing not a lot stood out to me. But I decided to get one thing that might get some use with me. I went from three lip glosses in a set, I went for the most wearable set, kissing me softly. 


Welcome to Friday  this Friday I wanted to write about cheat days. You might wonder what is a cheat day? No it is not a day where you cheat on your loved one but it is a day that you can cheat on your healthy habits. Denying yourself everything is not healthy and will hurt you on the long run, but more about that later. So today I am going to tell about the idea of a cheat day, how to do it and what my opinion about it is, seeing I have an opinion about everything. I do have to note that I have a lot of food pictures ahead, so eat before reading more.

It is time

Before I run out of the door I always make sure to grab a watch. It finishes many outfits and it just makes my arm look less 'nude' There are so many watches that everybody has their own favorite style of watch. From big to small from bright to metal, we all have our preferences. Today I decided to list some of my favorite watches from budget to expensive and everything in between. I listed my favorite 24 watches in all different styles...

Mermaid edition

Today I have a I would be wearing in a mermaid edition. I know you might be thinking "What is she blabbering about" I decided to make collages of clothing and accessories that are mermaid inspired. From cute T-shirts to leggings but also from hairstyles to jewelry. A few pearls and some bling scales are just what I need for summer.

Glow in the dark

I have to admit even when I am 23 going on 24 I am still tempted and I still get excited by things that glow in the dark. So while I was strolling eBay my eye fell on a combination of my favorite things nailpolish and glow in the dark. Now I have to admit I tried glow in the dark polish before but only the kind that was for UV lights, this one works without UV light you only need to charge them up.

Statement steal

Second blogpost today, if you have not yet spammed your blog I would advice you do so. I wanted to share this necklace because I am not sure for how long this cheap statement necklace is being sold for seeing they are going fast and are dirty cheap. This necklace is perfect for summer I believe because it has a pastel feel to it and adds glamour even to a simple tanktop. It can be worn more then one way as you can see in the pictures. It can be worn twisted round but also in rows. I personally prefer the last way because I think it looks less messy. Anyways this necklace is currently $3.70 what is €2.80. It has a row of purple crystals, some pearls, some pastel beads and some clear crystals. I think this one looks amazing, So snatch it while you can here

May Edition

A new month has come and I want to give my followers and the people who read my blog a new chance to spam their blog. I love discovering new blogs and following great blogs. So do leave a comment that tells me why I should visit your blog, what is the one thing that sets you apart from any other blogs.
So today you may spam your blog in the comments.

Rewarding yourself and others

Today we are not talking about things I got from eBay, even when most images are things I got from eBay. But todays topic is self-acceptance. It is one of the hardest things and I wrote a bit about it some time ago. It is so easy to hate yourself compared to loving yourself and even your flaws. Because nobody is perfect the Photoshop world just tries to make us think we must be. So today I want to write a bit about rewarding yourself for being you and giving others gift just because they are important to you. It might seem silly but it can really improve your mood and the mood of others. So my life story and the positive message of this week.
Swarovski element ring

Swarovski stone silver ring

Mothersday is always a tad hard for me, do I go with the whole commercial circus and get my mom a great gift or do I get her something small? I personally give my mom little gifts all year round and mothersday was reserved for things handmade but this year I decided to also get her a small gift to go with it. And I decided to share it with you all because it is a lovely gift that is very budget for what you get.

My great new lunchbox

Last week I wrote about this lovely yoghurtbox and the overall opinion was that it was a very handy little box. My package also included something something ells that I am going to show today. It is this amazing lunchbox.  Now I hear you thinking 'what is so special about a lunchbox?' well read more and find out!


On a blue Monday I experimented with nail art stamps but it was never a success. But when KKCenterHK asked me if I wanted to review one of their stamping plates I decided to give it a shot. I opted for a Chinese character plate and well lets see what I think...


I personally hear a lot about people wanting hints and tips how to store jewelry in a way that keeps it safe and in mint condition but also showcases it. I decided to take some snapshots of my jewelry storage space and hopefully you will get some inspiration how to store your jewelry. This is my current selection of jewelry the rest I own is put in a big box in my bathroom waiting to be pulled out the moment my taste changes.

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