So I wanted to show my new wedge sneakers today. We all know these lovely shoes started to trend when Isabel Marant showed her amazing version. Sadly enough the poor student that I am could not afford them, while I still lust for a colorful pair...Today I am going to show my monochrome pair.

Dirty cheap
For the Dutch girls reading this I want to note that I bought them at "Schoenenreus" this Dutch store is currently selling out all their shoes for dirty cheap because they are bankrupt. Personally I do not mind that much because I think they overpriced their shoes a lot. But there is one highlight for everybody, they are giving 50-70% off on most shoes. I even scored a pair of house shoes for 90% off but that is an other story. I got these for 70% off the original price that was 44 euros. Not my math is not that good but that is between  round 15 euros. That is dirty cheap for a pair of sturdy shoes.

The shoes
I adore the matte and shiny variations on this shoe and the fact that it has a hidden wedge. These walk and run like heaven, you do not feel like you are walking on heels and they add a sporty but classy flair to every outfit.

So what do you think about my new shoes, love or hate them?
Lots of love and happy Easter!

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