Two days ago I wrote about the P2 Summer Attack Heat Wave lipstick and I promised to show both lipsticks, because I bought an other one. I saved this one because this one is my all time favorite. Yes I adore the orange Heat Wave but this Jungle Juice is a-maz-ing! But before that, am I the only one who thinks the name is a tad strange?


The Lipstick
If you read the last article you know how much I adore the design of this lipstick, the rose colored package and the use of the color on top of the lid and as a border in the middle. I think the lipstick looks deluxe and expensive. And remember I only payed €2.95 for this one.


The pink
The lipstick is a bright and amazing shade of pink. Not quite a barbie pink but more a 'tropical' hot pink. I saw pictures of BeyoncĂ© and Lauren Conrad with this exact shade and both rocked it. I think both rocked it and it shows that this is a shade fitted for many skintones. The one thing that I have to admit, this is not for the stubble at heart, this shade really pops and people will notice, I personally do not mind but I know a few people who rather keep it more 'calm'


Above you see a 'stay' test. Note that I did this before knowing how good this would stain the skin. I added a rather big spot of lipstick to my arm and when I started to rub it off I could not get it completely off. I really rubbed my heart out but I could not get it to vanish completely. This lipstick does stain your glasses and napkins when wearing it and you will leave bright pink everywhere but it stays very well on the lips. Below you can see me wearing it..


So what do you think "Love the juice?" or would you rather wear the orange version? 
Lots of love,

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