I have to admit, I can not filter and I tried my best to only pick and photograph the shoes I am really going to wear a lot this spring. As somebody who collects shoes I often forget how much I have. So I decided to sort my shoes and pick my favorite shoes for spring and seeing this spring is rather cold I picked a lot of closed shoes and ankle boots.


Sneakers are shoes that I wear a lot when I need to walk and most important run, when walking in town I often go for sneakers because the stores are far apart and I really need to have a good pace. Ofcoarse missing from this are my go-to beat up black Reebok sneakers but they are my 'I need to hurry' shoes all year round.

My Adidas sneakers are one of my favorites. I often call them my Barbie shoes and I assume why is clear. I got these together with my yellow ombre Reebok sneakers for a very discount price. If I remember correctly these where round 25€

As I said I got my yellow ombre reebok sneakers at the same place as I got my hotpink Adidas shoes, these where also round €25. Both shoes I like to pair with skinny jeans and go for a more sporty look.

The floral flat shoes I got last year from a cheap store called Action. As far as I know they are only in the Netherlands and they often change their collection. I payed €7 for these if I am correct. I often wear these paired with black jeans seeing the print is so overpowering, meaning I can not go crazy with print in my jeans.

Last but not least my latest shoes, my very lovely sneaker wedges. That I discussed in this article. These amazing and I love to wear them with colored skinny jeans. These walk like heaven and you can run in them without hurting yourself. So very amazing shoes.

Heels and pumps

I was debating if I would like to include these because the weather outside is horrible and cold. But to be honest I often ignore the cold and go for one of these shoes.

Lets start with these green chunky heels that I wrote about here. These are from Van Haren again a dutch store. I love these shoes and love to pair them with a skirt and jeans. These match every outfit you can think off. The one thing with these shoes is that I bought them a bit big making my go in and out of as I walk, one of the things I did to fix it is add a blue insole. 

Next up is my pride and joy, the most amazing shoes I have ever owned. My Replay heels! These walk amazing and I can easy wear these all day long. The heel is low enough not to hurt and high enough to give me a nice boost. These are my go to heels for when I have a party and the best part is that I got these at an amazing discount. If I am correct I got these 70% off what is a steal!

The red and brown pair above I both got from a market. Both are real leather and worn to death. Expectantly the red wedge heels have a lot of wear and tear. Both needed to be included in my list because these are my go to shoes if I need to go somewhere fast and for only a small time. So when I need to get something from the store I slip these on and go.

Fashion Ankle boots

I call these my fashion ankle boots because I only rarely wear these. They need a typical kind of outfit for them to look good. But all three are lovely.

Let me start with explaining these shoes that I call with love my 'witch' boots. They are unique and special and I still have no clue if I love or hate them. They are a bit of avant garde and they where really expensive. My Grannie picked them up at a high fashion store for 50% off. Even when they where half price they where still more expensive then I would even pay for shoes myself. I have a love and hate relationship with these, one side of my loves the strangeness and the other side hates it. Normally I wear these with an all black outfit with a statement necklace.

These are called my biker boots even when they are not very biker boots. Somehow I forgot to include a picture of the ridiculousness high heel. But do take note that I can walk a max of 5 hours on these and I prefer to sit a lot when I wear these. These shoes are always paired with a black leather jacket somehow.

And then we have my baroque heels that also have an amazing high heel. These are worn with tights and a skirt for a classy event or with skinny jeans and a blouse. These shoes I wear a lot and are one of my favorites even when they are brown. I would have killed to have these in black but somehow they where only in brown.

Other heeled ankle boots

Then we also have my other ankle boots that are a bit more tones down and worn more, well not really toned down but you get my point.

My La strada heels I also got at a discount price of 70% making these only 18€. I even wrote about these with a lot of pictures at this link. and I still love them as much as I did when I first got them. These are perfect for every outfit and the red is stunning!

These lovely boots are a bit more perfect for when it is really cold outside, what somehow happens a lot. I already showed them off here

And last but not least my knockoff Lita's that I won from Jade who has an amazing blog that you should check out. These shoes are heaven. With a real wood heel and a lovely platform they make me very tall. But because they walk so perfectly I love to wear these. 

The one thing missing from these shoes are a pair of spiked and studded loafers, I am still searching for these kind of shoes...
So what do you think and tell me what do you plan on wearing this spring.

PS: I also took a bonus shot of some of my summer shoes. 

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