Saturday you might have noticed the bracelet that I showed in my dairy. I decided to take some better pictures and tell you a bit about my new treasure. Also Lucardi has a sale on their site so that is surely something you need to check out. Before you read further I do want to point out that this bracelet is horrible to put into picture, so I really tried!


My bracelet

I got this bracelet at Lucardi as the box says above. I went there to get a bracelet for my mom, I picked her a steel bracelet with Swarovski stones. I adore the shine and sparkle that Swarovski gives. The one my dad got my mom is currently on sale here and I really recommend this bracelet because it is stunning! But back to my bracelet, in some Lucardi stores there is a special thing for when you buy steel jewelry, if you buy over 25 euros you can buy an other steel 'sale' item for only one euro. My dad decided that I could pick out something for myself and seeing I really wanted a bangle I decided to pick this steel one with black glass stones. It has no lock and it is in one piece, it is easy to slide over the hand and it looks cute. Now I do not know the exact price of this bracelet but it was between 30-50 euros if I remember correctly, so it is a steal that I got it for only one euro.


Sale at Lucardi!

So I also wanted to point out the current sale on Lucardi their website, the are 25 years now and they are celebrating! On a lot of jewelry they have a 25% discount and they even sell things cheaper! I am personally a big fan of this bracelet and I really want it. Hint hint. And I am sure many can find something they like.


So yes, what do you think of my new bracelets? Do you love it or hate it..
Till next time,

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