The maxi skirt, some people love them and some think they are ugly as hell. I think they can look classy or casual making it the perfect piece to own and ofcoarse wear. Currently I have three vintage maxi skirts hanging in my closet waiting for spring seeing it takes forever to get a bit warmer outside. And for everybody who does not own a maxi skirt yet. I decided to round op my favorite maxi skirts that you can buy with a click of the mouse.

H&M  has this lovely chiffon skirt in blue and black, in a lovely chiffon fabric. Making it light and playful. I am especially fond of the bright blue color I think it would look perfect with a black tank top and perhaps a  blazer.

Asos is perfect for maxi skirts and they have a lovely and most important diverse collection. I love the maxi skirts in a single color and I would love to wear the army green version  because the cut is really flattering and the color would look great with a black leather jacket. If you are a bit more bold we also have the bright red maxi skirt that is surely attention grabbing. And then we have this mint number what I think is a stunning color for the summer. Although I have to admit I am not a fan of the slit on the side.

Ofcoarse prints are also perfect for maxi skirts, I adore and really love This River Island version that has a stunning print on sheer chiffon,the only thing that I dislike about this skirt is the 45 euro price tag dangling from it. This 170 euro diesel skirt  is also very lovely and would look perfect with a sleeveless black blouse and leather jacket.

I am also a very big fan of sheer maxi skirts, they still remain a maxi but do show of some more leg. Especially for people with long legs this is perfect and I think it would look great on the beach. this spotted version is a really cute and playful twist on the classy maxi dress. I can see this being worn with a lot of colored shirts, tanks and blouses. This one from river island is perfect, it has a patchwork crochet fabric that still looks sheer without being the usual flowy chiffon, also for only 17 euro it is a steal. And last we have by Asos this version with the cross on the side, it flows and it looks more special because of the embellishment. Again and I know I am repeating myself, I would wear this with a bright top and a leather jacket.

Would you wear a maxi skirt, and what is your favorite?

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