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Lets talk kingsday, queensday or crowningsday. I have no clue what to call it but it is a feast that is coming. Many know that I am Dutch and if you did not, I think this is a large clue that I am. I decided to make a look that I can wear on these days, but I wanted to keep it toned down. No bright, red white and blue on my eyes but a toned down look with a bright lip.


What did I use?

I actually did not use a lot for this look. For starters I decided to got for a pink/red lip. I used one of my favorite products The Rimmel apocalips in apocaliptic I wanted something that would really pop and I debating between the apocalips and P2 heat wave what is more an orange shade.



On my eyes I started with a base, I used color tattoo 24hr by Maybelline in 45-Infinite White that still has a review to come. It is a perfect bright white that pops. Over the white I used a mix of two eye shadows from limited editions. Both where from essence, the first is from the Crazy About Colour LE  number 01 Colour Affair and the second one I used was from one of my all time favorite LE 50's girls reloaded  number 02 You're a heartbreaker. But any dark blue graying eye shadow would do. 


I set my eyeliner with Catrice Jack Black what is my go to eyeliner. The bright blue line on my waterline was set with these cheap eyepencils from buy-in-coins

So what will you be wearing make-up wise on queensday, kingsday and crowningsday?

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