On the 15th I wrote an article about what I still was expecting . Somehow bitching and moaning makes my package appear on my doorstep because the same day I received a cardboard box with my pendants. As you might have noticed above. So I am really happy to show this today.


Who what where why.

As I said I got this from Etsy and it is handmade. I ordered this at this sellers shop for only €8. I had it made the way I really wanted it. With hammered edges and a flat plate, there are many options so you can really pick what you like. I decided on getting this with my own name I am vain like that. And I added my own birthstone a siam. In the picture you can see it next to my small coin pendant, it is really small if I had to describe the size I would that it is the wide of my thumb. So it has a dainty feel to it and really works as an accent. The letters are hand stamped into it and you can see traces of the stamp on the back.  I really love the jewelry that is sold at the shop and I already made a big wishlist for myself but also to give as gifts because I think it is really unique.


So what do you think?
Lots of love,


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