Egg muffins!

This Fit Friday I want to tell you guys about a great recipe that has a very low difficult level. Even I who can burn and ruin popcorn can make this, so it is really foolproof. But more important then that these egg muffins are healthy! They may not look that great but they taste like heaven.


Why are they healthy?

The amount of quality protein in your diet is the single most important calorie that influences your metabolic rate, favorably influencing weight loss. Quality protein also helps you sustain muscle during weight loss, improve muscle fitness, immunity and antioxidant function.[1] All in all we love protein! And let it be that egg is a good source of protein.


How can I make these?

As I said this easier then easy. You take an egg,milk and if you prefer some veggies you also add that to the mix. You hit the egg in the bowl what I think is the hardest part of this add a little bit of milk and mix it together.
Now I use silicone muffin shapes, I really prefer these because you can easy pop the muffins out without having to grease them up, if you have metal muffin tins I would advice greasing them up so you can get the muffins out in one piece.
So you fell the muffin cup halfway up and toss them in the oven. It has to sit for 20 minutes at 170° and then you are done! You then have the option to eat them warm or cold. I prefer both.



As I said you can also add veggies to the mix making them a bit more full and more meal like. In the ones I showed in the pictures I added mushrooms and a bit of cheese. But you can add whatever you want from carrots to bacon to cheese. As long as you like the taste mixed with egg you can add it.

I also tried a different variation where I used one egg and one banana. This was inspired by the popular banana pancakes. I am horrible at making these pancakes because I can not flip them and they always end up burned one way or an other. With the muffin trick I can make them perfect and it directly turns them into food that you can eat with your hands.

So, are you going to try to make these egg muffins?

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