Progress is a thing that we sometimes take to lightly, I hear people complain that they only lost a few pounds. Accually I hear myself complaining a lot to. The thing is that we see ourselves in the mirror everyday and change takes a bit of time but it takes a lot of time for us to see it ourselves. And when we look we most of the times see the negatives and not how far we have come.
So for this Fit Friday I wanted to show my own progress and while I am still not happy, I want you to know that every little change is a step in the good direction. Cause it might sound very cliche but every step in the good direction is one you have to take to reach your goal.

So me
It still scares me to show me on my blog but I do think it is human to want to present the best you are and perhaps I am still not the best I can be. I am still myself and I should accept that. So I want to share my part of the story that is the beginning till now and hopefully some day I will get to share the now-future, if that makes sense.

As I said we see ourselves everyday in the mirror and perhaps you have been working out for some time now and you see no change. It can be that you 'do not see what you already have' below is a picture of some jeans stacked on top of each other. These are my pants, some I wear some I don't. Also sorry for the horrible picture on the ugly yellow rug. I do hope you all will let this one slide. 


We all can see that the pink one is the smallest and the blue one is the biggest.  I am accually missing a pair of jeans even bigger then the blue ones, I had a periode where I wore a european size 44, but a few years ago I dropped to a european size 42
Now I can proudly say that the blue one has long been banished to the back of my closet, I occasional grab it when I want to paint or when I am doing something where I need old clothing for. Somehow I can not remember when I started to drop pant sizes because I am in my body everyday, I did notice my pants started to get loose but I did not give it must significance, I just bought a few new pairs.. Including the black one you see a size 40. I still wear this pair because I recently bought this one before I started to up my workouts. I love these pants but these are also slowly sliding off my butt and getting far to loose to be called 'skinny' jeans. And that brings me to the pink pants, size 38 if I am correct. I recently bought this one, even when it is still a tad to tight. It is a perfect pair of pants for spring and even when I can close this one I want to be able to wear it perfectly this spring.

But why am I talking about dropping pant sizes
It is not to boast or show off "Look at my pants and how far I have come!" not at all. That fact that I layered these pants on-top of each other was an eyeopener for me because I bitched and moaned about not loosing that much, it is far more then I would have believed. So if you are trying to loose some weight for some time now I would advice at layering your old and new cloths, you might get surprised.


Now there are some ladies at a lovely forum in a topic that is focused on weight loss  these girls are inspirational in their own way and they motivate me so much.  Now I kept bitching and moaning about not loosing that much, I put these two above pictures pictures together [where I meant September 2012] and the pictures you can see below. I personally can not see a difference, I see only the flaws. But these girls told me that they did see change, my belly got flatter and I got a semi-waist. And I do know I have a long road to go still, but this is the motivation that keeps me going. So maybe you can not see the change yet, but others might.


And so I want to conclude with these strange pictures, that we all have a road we take and perhaps you, yourself can not see the change but others might. So take a fresh point of view and ask people what they think. You might feel ashamed but then again in the end you will be proud for the road you took...

So.....I was hesitant to show these pictures. But why should I feel ashamed about who I am, who I was and who I will be?
Till next time

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