Yogurt on the go

Every morning I start with my bowl on yogurt paired with some good grains. It is a really good start on my day. Because yogurt is so healthy I try to eat two portions a day but at times I can not get my second portion because I am away all day. I think yogurt is one of the hardest things to take with you on a trip because of a few reasons. When I buy those little cups of yogurt they often get between my junk in the bag leaving me stuff under yogurt, not really what I want. So I tried buying those plastic cups and fill them, but somehow during the time I got to my yogurt time it was half warm and not that nice to eat. I turned to the internet and found the solution thanks to lunchtassen.nl

Why eat Yogurt?

Lets first start on why you should include yogurt to your daily pattern  Yogurt is always on my shopping list and I often call it my super food. It has many health benefits and I personally think it tastes great. To make a long story short yogurt has a few qualities that I really like. It contributes to a healthy colon, it is easier to digest then milk, it is a great source of calcium, it can boost immunity, it has 20% more protein them milk and it can lower cholesterol. There are also studies that show yogurt can help you get flat abs and burn fat faster. That all together makes me a yogurt lover, I often eat two portions a day.

The solution

What you have already seen in the pictures is my new yogurt box. What makes this box different then all those other boxes is what I asked myself. Lets start with the fact that it has a build in freezer element that you can freeze the night before. It can keep your yogurt cool what is amazing during warmer days, that is really something that appeals to me. The element is very easy to remove from the box and does not take up an awful lot of space in my freezer. 

As you can see on the pictures and on the site the box comes with a spoon that is held by a silicone band. Personally the spoon it has its ups and downs for me. I prefer not to keep it in the band and toss it in my bag because the spoon still gets in touch with my other stuff and it might break if you a klutz like me. But that is easy fixed by putting it in your lunchbox or wrapping it in a napkin.

The box itself has two firm locks that click the lid on really tight. Now I tested this box a few days and I am not a gentle person so the box has bounced a lot on my bag, I even grabbed it and flung it in the air while making it rotate. It did not leak what of coarse is great because who wants a yogurt stained bag? It seems like the lid creates a sort of vacuum because it goes inside the jar leaving no room room spillage. 

Some notes on safety this yogurtbox is made with non toxic freezing gel. It is BPA free and you can clean it in the dishwasher. I often find that eating out a plastic container it goes two ways. One way is the 'normal' none after taste way and one is where you find a nasty plastic aftertaste in your mouth. I am very happy to announce this plastic container does not leave an aftertaste. So two thumbs up for that! 

Now we have those days where we do not want yogurt but just a little snack, these boxes perfectly adapt to that also. You can take out the freezer element and stock it with every snack you like. 
So I really like these yogurt boxes from Anotheridea and I have to say for €8.95 you get something that can last you a really long time. I think it is really decent priced and I have not yet seen anything like this in stores. Shipping comes from Holland so the time is depending on where you live. It took me two days to receive my package and it came in a sturdy box with the products wrapped in a royal amount of bubble wrap. I think this is the perfect way to ship these kind of products. 

So do you want your own great yogurt box you have the option to get bright pink like me but there is also the option for blue and green. You can see in my pictures that I took in the bright sun the boxes really have a bright color. Also do check out the rest of the site because they have great products for a nice price. And soon I will show you an other product from this site! 

What do you think, do you want one?
Lots of love

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